The BHS 21st Century Fund supports faculty-led pilot programs focused on curriculum innovation, fostering academic success and inspiration for all students.
School Year 2016-2017    
  Interim Headmaster 
  Anthony Meyer's take
  on the 21st Century
  Fund, the challenges
  facing BHS, and more 

On Tuesday, November 1,
the 21st Century Fund sat
down with Anthony M eyer for a discussion on topics ranging from hiring and retention to the achievement gap to his own high bowling score. 

Excerpts are below. Click here
to read the entire interview.
On the role of the 21st Century Fund at BHS:
"I think the Fund's role is to spur and foster innovation at the high school. To me that means supporting teachers and supporting really interesting ideas that would benefit kids. . . . There's a tremendous amount of energy and expertise in this community, and I think the Fund provides a key way to support the school using that energy."
On the role of the 21st Century Fund in drawing talented teachers to BHS:
"I absolutely believe that opportunities with the Fund help us attract and retain talented, committed teachers and support them to help lead the school. . . . We had a very specific example of that this year, with Film as History/History as Film."

On the current challenges facing BHS: 
"To me the central challenges right now are issues of equity and access. . . . It's not surprising that the historically underachieving populations of students don't do as well here on various measures. . . . As we look forward to addressing that, we need to think about how to do it. There are opportunities to look at things that have already been experimented with in the Fund, and ask how they can affect as many students as possible. Tutorial is a really good example. "  


Save the Date: A Master Class for Parents
Wonder how Brookline High is different from your high school?
On the evening of December 12, come experience a class at BHS. Please join us for a parent-oriented master class that will demonstrate the learning objectives of two 21st Century Fund- sponsored pilot programs. After a brief mindfulness exercise
(similar to the exercises practiced throughout BHS during the
school day), we'll experience the Racial Awareness Seminar.
Stay tuned for registration information, as seating will be limited.

November 2016

Anthony Meyer estimates his current high bowling score in the mid-100s. 

For a chance to
challenge him,
join us at the
on November 19 .

The 21st Century Fund's 2015-2016 Report on Philanthropy is now available on our website.

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