This is just one of the ways the Council and its members were able to G.I.V.E. (Gift, Impact, Value, and Elements) in 2021.
GIFT. The Gift that keeps giving is the 10 Department of Transportation (DOT) Operating Divisions. Over the last year, DOT has shown remarkable dedication to the HUBZone business community. Their operating divisions have found creative ways to increase the number of HUBZone contracts.
IMPACT. Shelby Scales (OSDBU Director) led the charge to reach their 3% goal by significantly increasing HUBZone contracts. Working with leaders such as Leonardo San Roman (Manager, Procurement Assistance Division) and Natalie Rosa (HUBZone & 8a Small Business Specialist), her team quickly assessed, identified, and implemented strategies to increase their agency’s numbers. They found an ally in Falvasha Alghussain who had been steadily increasing HUBZone contracts at the Federal Highway Administration. As a result of their efforts, DOT made Council history, by holding 10 matchmaking sessions at the 2021 National HUBZone Conference.
VALUE. DOT recognized that building a strong HUBZone contracting program helped to mitigate transportation disparities in urban and rural America. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law offered DOT the greatest opportunity to invest in the nation’s historically underserved communities in the areas of Safety, Modernization, Equity, and Climate. This law will boost transit funding for communities all over the country – helping communities address maintenance backlogs, modernize and expand.
ELEMENT. With the support of Frank Spampinato (former SBA Associate Administrator) the HUBZone community received an enormous win. In January, FAA for the first time established a HUBZone goal. This is a big win since the majority of DOT’s eight (8) billion-dollar budget goes to FAA (67%). Additionally, we would like to recognize other DOT partners that have taken steps to embrace the HUBZone mission and invited the Council to speak to their acquisition professionals. 
DOT Operating Divisions
·         Office of the Secretary
·         Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
·         Federal Highway Administration
·         National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
·         Federal Railroad Administration
·         Federal Transit Administration
·         Maritime Administration
·         Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
·         Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
·         Great Lakes Seaway Development Corporation
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HUBZones Care – Kentucky & Arkansas Tornado Disaster Relief
As HUBZone advocates, we know how important grassroots efforts are in rebuilding communities, whether the devastation was immediate or over time. Let’s support these communities that were impacted by this disaster by providing resources making a difference to the people that need them the most. As always let’s show the nation that HUBZones Care about all communities, not just ours.