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January, 2024

Hello and welcome to the first quarter of 2024! We hope you had a nice break during the holidays. As we move into this new year, we are facing similar challenges as we have in years past; weather slowing down our progress. Our typical lead time of a few days to ship materials is now approaching closer to a week or greater. We are working diligently on clearing snow and ice all the while assembling your orders and shipping in a timely fashion.

New Domestic and Imported Slate

Renaissance actively stocks and offers new domestic and imported roofing slate! We have great B2B relationships with the quarries in New York, Vermont, Canada, Virginia, Spain, and even South America. All slates are S1 rated! With our long-standing history and consistent business, we can offer you the best possible options, at the best possible prices, and the best possible lead times! I can help you and your client navigate through the entire process of placing your order from identification, pricing, and executing the transaction.

We offer sizes of slates ranging from 12” long and up to 24” (larger available upon request), constant or random widths, and thicknesses ranging from standard ¼” and up. Click here to learn more about our available slate colors, sizing, and general data.

We have hundreds of squares of various colors, sizes, and thicknesses in stock right now!

Let’s discuss your project. I can help you with your take-off/plan reading, verify colors of existing slate roofs, and provide you with the best possible pricing and lead times. Call me at 800-699-5695 or email at epl@tileandslatesales.com

Our Reclamation Process

As we slog through winter, we’re gearing up for a very busy spring and summer. We are actively procuring materials from roofing contractors and homeowners throughout the country. We’ve packed our warehouse with semi-loads of material and have numerous loads “on deck” awaiting shipment to our facilities and no end in sight.

We have a refined process for reclamation which we’ve found is fair and amicable; deliver the material to our facility, repack all items completely (while discarding the unusable products), document the products, inventory, and send the final purchase documents to the seller for final pay out. In over 30yrs of salvaging and reclaiming roofing systems, we’ve found this method is best.

If you wish to offer your products to us, please contact me at epl@tileandslatesales.com, or call the office at 800-699-5695, or use our convenient form on our reclamation page here

2024 Reclamation Efforts

A preview of the numerous groups of tile and slate roofing products we have agreed to purchase and stock as shown below.

Ludowici Closed Shingle Old Type Tile

+ supporting trim tiles

Original Forest Green Coloring

Available NOW!

Ludowici 14-1/4" Straight Barrel Mission

+ supporting trim tiles

#8 Mix

Available February 12th, 2024

OBSOLETE Mound City C Spanish Tile

+ supporting trim tiles

Natural Red

Available February 12th, 2024

Leftover NEW Vermont 18 x 9 x 1/4" Gray/Black Slate

Literally one of the hardest slates to source new right now (12 week lead time form quarries)

Available February 12th, 2024

Ludowici French Tile

+ supporting trim tiles

Dull Green Coloring

Available NOW!

Ludowici K English Tile

+ supporting trim tiles

Blended Red Coloring

Available February, 19th 2024


50sqs. reclaimed Vermont 18" x R x 1/4" Royal Purple slate in PERFECT condition!

Don't snooze on this one - it'll be sold before it arrives to our NO. IL tile yard!

Ludowici Light Weight Interlocking Old Type Tile (LWIOT)

+ supporting trim tiles

Dull Green Coloring with weathered (sandpaper) surface texture

Available NOW!

Actively Buying

Below are examples of the products we are currently buying and reclaiming in any color and quantity. If you have any of these materials available, please let me know. We're interested in them.

Ludowici Spanish Eave Closures

Ludowici Mission Eave Closures

Ludowici Spanish Top Fixtures

Ludowici Mission Top Fixtures

Ludowici Spanish Gable Rakes

Ludowici French Gable Rakes

Ludowici Closed Shingle Gable Rakes

Ludowici #102 Hip Rolls

Ludowici #118 Hip Rolls

Ludowici #152 Hip Starters

Ludowici #206 Ridge

Ludowici V Hip & Ridge

Ludowici CC Hip & Ridge

Ludowici #211 Ridge

Ludowici Spanish tile

Ludowici French Tile


Send me photos and details of what you have available.

We're open to bringing in nearly any viable product.

Office: 800-699-5695 | epl@tileandslatesales.com

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