June 17, 2024 Issue

USDA Awards $50 Million To Support Farmworkers and Agricultural Employers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced [Friday] that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is awarding $50 million to 141 awardees in 40 states and Puerto Rico, through the Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Program (FLSP Program), reaching 177 unique agricultural operations and over 11,000 workers. MORE


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Anxiety Over Inflation Again Drives Down Consumer Sentiment

U.S. consumer sentiment fell in June for the third straight month as Americans took a dimmer view of their own finances and worried about persistent inflation. The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index, released Friday in a preliminary version, dropped to 65.6 this month from a final reading of 69.1 in May. June's reading is about 30% higher than the bottom reached in June 2022, when inflation peaked at a four-decade high, but is still below levels typically associated with a healthy economy. Consumers' outlook has generally been gloomy since the pandemic and particularly after inflation first spiked in 2021. MORE


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Please note that all exhibitors who register during the month of June will be assigned a location based on priority points earned via past years of membership and exhibiting.

The initial round of booth placements will be communicated in early July.

Starting July 1st booths will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

HHS Approves FDA's Human Foods Restructuring Plan

The Department of Health and Human Services has approved the FDA's proposed reorganization of the Human Foods Program, which the Consumer Brands Association believes will improve food safety. "This will ultimately benefit the most important people whom the consumer-packaged goods industry and FDA serve, American consumers," said Sarah Gallo, Consumer Brands' vice president of product policy. MORE


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Opinion: Senate Republican Framework Puts ‘Farm’ Back in the Farm Bill

For over three years, Senate Ag Committee members have traveled across our states, listening to stakeholders from family farms, conservation leaders, and nutrition groups. They have also hosted numerous subcommittee hearings and met one-on-one with the broad agricultural industry. Our ranking member, Sen John Boozman, R-Ark., has visited all of our states and then some, again listening to our producers and agribusinesses. After reviewing our colleagues' across-the-aisle proposal, which focuses almost 85% on nutrition programs and spending, it's clear our goal had to be to get the 'farm' back to the farm bill. MORE


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Farm Bill Barometer: Setting Expectations

The chance of a new farm bill passing this year is 17%. So where does that 17% come from? Well, looking at the legislative process from an uber simplistic perspective, eight things that need to happen for a new farm bill to become reality:

  • The agriculture committees in the House and Senate need to pass a bill.
  • The full House and Senate must then approve those bills.
  • When that happens, a committee will likely be created to hammer out a compromise between the two bills.
  •  The full House and Senate must then approve the compromise
  • The President would then need to sign the bill into law.

In case you weren’t counting, that’s eight separate steps that need to be completed. So far, lawmakers have finished one. MORE


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Wet Conditions Dampen Crop Conditions in Southwest Minnesota

National crop condition ratings are higher compared to the past several years, but southwest Minnesota farmer Bryan Biegler tells Brownfield that’s not the case on his farm.

“We have a lot more unevenness out in the field this year.” He says frequent rains delayed

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planting and drowned out crops. “Definitely have some thin spots out in the field, and doing my side-dress and stuff you could see those areas. And they were still a little bit wet yet too, so we have definitely had better beginnings to the season than this.” MORE


Source: brownfieldagnews.com 

Find a Breakfast on the Farm in Wisconsin

Farm breakfasts are family-friendly events for all to enjoy. They offer opportunities for attendees to learn about local dairy farms and meet dedicated families that keep them running, enjoy delicious food made with fresh Wisconsin-made dairy products, and spend time with friends and neighbors. MORE

Q&A: Conagra Exec Believes in Power of Mentorships

Mentors play a vital role in helping emerging leaders with decision-making, overcoming life challenges and developing a successful leadership style, shared Jon Harris, executive vice president and chief communications and networking officer for Conagra Brands. MORE


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'Organic' Fruit, Veggie Snacks for Kids Have High Levels of Lead, Consumer Reports Finds

A handful of children's snacks with fruit, vegetables and 'organic' in the labeling could also contain unsafe amounts of lead, Consumer Reports announced this week. Snacks from Lesser Evil and Serenity Kids, which are sold at retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart, claim to be healthier alternatives with no added sugars, but Consumer Reports is warning parents that some of these snacks may end up causing more harm than good. The tests also included products from Once Upon a Farm, which showed remarkably low levels of lead. MORE

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Ensuring Consumer Safety: The Imperative of Stricter Packaging and Labeling Controls

The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act has been in force since 2004, but even 20 years later, people are still dying due to undeclared allergens on food packaging. MORE


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11 Pet Food Industry Statistics to Know in 2024: Trends & Market Size

The global pet food market is worth approximately $150 billion and, despite recessions and cost of living crises occurring around the world, this is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This growth will be fuelled by an increasing pet population size, as well as possible changes in attitude towards premium foods. Experts also expect some further growth within the e-commerce sector. Because they typically cost more to keep and, on average, eat more than cats and other animal types, dog food makes up the majority of the global pet food supply, while Europe is the biggest manufacturing region for pet food supplies. However, it is the U.S. that has the largest pet food industry, globally, and this only looks set to increase with time. MORE


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7 Cheap Canned Foods Can Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar

Can it! Dieticians shared their seven favorite canned food items to help you manage your blood sugar with EatingWell. Listen up if you want to see the health benefits of having lower blood sugar which include better hormonal health and improved mood. MORE


Source: New York Post

Debunking Canned Food Myths

Canned foods are often labeled as “processed foods.” However, the term processed applies to food that has been altered from its natural state in any way. Canning is a form of processing, or changing food, which comes with many benefits, but unfortunately, there are still some myths about the quality of canned foods.

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Myth: Canned foods are not as healthy as fresh. Once produce is harvested, its vitamin and mineral content decreases daily. Canned foods are often harvested and processed on the same day, which locks in the vitamins and nutrients for many months. Sometimes the process of canning increases the nutrients in the food. For example, canned tomatoes have more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant that may help prevent certain cancers. Canned beans have more soluble fiber, which may lower cholesterol.

Myth: Canned foods are high in sodium.

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study that identified the top 10 food categories that contribute to high sodium diets, and canned vegetables was not one of them. Canned vegetables, fruit, beans and lean meat are not only nutritious and safe, they are economical, convenient and sustainable.


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