June 7, 2024

Our 2024 Chapter Championship Recap

Another Superb CHA CHA!


Thank you to all our members who played in the 2024 Chapter Championship "CHA CHA" at Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan. It was a resounding success because you all showed up in force to experience the friendly competition, followed by a delicious barbecue buffet luncheon and an exciting prize presentation.


Congratulations to all our flight winners, especially our newly crowned Gross and Net Champions. We were extremely happy to return to the Willow Glen Course at Singing Hills after a two-year hiatus while the grounds were under construction, getting extensive upgrades. The wait was worth it! The fairways were in beautiful condition, and it paid for players to stay out of the lush rough and trees. The greens were well-manicured and challenging, which led to tight competition at every flight level.


On behalf of our entire Chapter, I would like to thank Stacey Hayashi for her creative vision for our premier event of the year and for leading a dedicated team of volunteers to help execute her plan. Another outstanding Cha Cha is in the books!


Jen Faye - Chapter President


We had 48 players who showed up, wanted it & went out to tackle Willow Glen at Singing Hills Golf Resort for two days at our most prestigious chapter competition, our Chapter Championship! 

Great golf weather, a challenging golf course, and an early shotgun start on Sunday – all put together to make for a grinding competition for two days and many winners!


It's the collective effort that makes our Chapter Championship a success. Thank you all for your participation and dedication to this event!

  • 48 players with five flights of play
  • 6 First-Time CHA CHA competitors 


A special shoutout to our Chapter Championship Planning Committee for their exceptional work this year. Karen Bridges, Nanette Circo, Brenda Scarth, Beth Davidson, Jane Langdon, Paula Smith, and Jen Faye-your contributions were invaluable! 


Big thanks to Mary Shepperd & Michelle Schmidt for their help in developing our tournament rules & rulings. 


Thank you to our event volunteers – Lisa Schmidt, Pam Pongratz & Lois Spence. 

Stacey Hayashi - Events Director

Chapter Championship Sponsor

Vessel Golf Wins the Day...

Congratulations to all the winners, as the 2024 CHA went off without a hitch! As a Chapter, we are extremely fortunate to have several wonderful companies and businesses supporting us this year, but none better than Vessel Golf.

This year, each CHA CHA participant was given a Vessel-branded golf towel valued at $40.00. The overall Gross and Net winners will be awarded a customized Vessel golf bag of their choice.

I can’t say enough about Vessel’s generosity throughout this year. So please consider Vessel FIRST when purchasing a new golf bag or lifestyle accessory.

In addition, I would also like to thank the Singing Hills golf staff for their attentiveness and professionalism. Everyone took great care of us throughout the weekend with all our requests and needs. Singing Hills is another supportive Chapter sponsor that keeps on giving.

Again, congratulations to all participants and winners, and I hope you enjoyed being a part of the 2024 Chapter Championship.

Nanette Circo, Sponsorships Director

Our Volunteers

Events like our Chapter Championship cannot happen without the help of our amazing volunteers. Thank You All!

Above - Lois Spence and Brenda Scarth working the registration table and helping and Nancy Homer . Thanks to Lisa Schmidt too for helping with registration...we think she stepped away to practice.

The 19th Hole Luncheon

The hungry golfers all lined up to enjoy the backyard BBQ, brisket, chicken, green salad, corn, cole slaw, potato salad, cornbread and followed with lemon tarts and brownies. Yum!


Congratulations to all of our top finishers. To see all of the final event results, log into your Golf Genius app and enter the event GGID 2024CHACHA and select Leaderboard. Here you go.

Low Gross Champion Over-the-Field

Nan Circo

81+83 = 164

Low Net Champion Over-the-Field

Connie Pasterkiewicz

68+72 = 140


Flight 1 - 1st Place Low Gross

Cindy Mason

85 + 82 = 162

Flight 1 - 1st Place Low Net

Jackie Glynn

75 + 77 = 152

Flight 2 - 1st Place Low Gross

JojoFlight 1 - 2nd Place Low Gross

Deb Finlon

83 + 87 = 170


80+86 = 166

Flight 2 - 1st Place Low Net

Flight 2 - 1st Place Low Net

Rachel Hunter

77 + 75 = 147

Jen Levin

67 + 75 = 142

Flight 3 - 1st Place Low Gross

Marie Shannon

92+90 =182

Flight 3 - 1st Place Low Net

Denise Nelesen

76+71 = 147

Flight 4 - 1st Place Low Gross

Meinir Heilbrun

98 + 95 = 193

Flight 4 - 1st Place Low Net

Narcisa Laranjeira

76 + 77 =153

Flight 5 - 1st Place Low Gross

Lois Spence

97 + 105 = 202

Flight 5 - 1st Place Low Net

Michelle Schmidt

70 + 79 = 149


Flight 1 - 2nd Place

Low Gross

Deb Finlon

83 + 87 = 170

Flight 2 - 2nd Place

Low Gross

Karen Bridges

92 + 86 = 178

Flight 3 - 2nd Place

Low Gross

Natalie Hobson

92 + 97 = 189

Flight 4 - 2nd Place

Low Gross

Jen Faye

103 + 96 = 199

Flight 5 - 2nd Place

Low Gross

Judy Schons

105 + 04 = 209


Flight 1 - 2nd Place

Low Net

Kim Greco

79 + 75 = 154

Flight 2 - 2nd Place

Low Net

Stacey Hayashi

72 + 78 = 150

Flight 3 - 2nd Place

Low Net

Susan Hoffman

77 + 74 = 151

in card off with Lis Eddy

Flight 4 - 2nd Place

Low Net

Donna Evans

79 + 77 =156

Flight 5 - 2nd Place

Low Net

Suzanne Rogers

79 + 78 = 157



Day 1 - Stacey Hayashi attempting to herd cats and teach them the instructions/rules for the day. Main one: HAVE FUN!!

Lisa Schmidt and Adrienne Acre

Natalie Hobson and Lis Eddy

Marie Shannon and Taylor Coleman

Jen Faye and Kim Greco

Lisa Schmidt and Jojo Hou in their Sunday Red and Black

Just warming up to Putt for Dough!

Jackie Glynn, Mindy Sam Davis and Ashley Riggs-Zeigen and Marie Shannon chilling out in Susan's backyard. What a great great set up it was. And congrats to Mindy for her Flight 1 finish in 1st place low net.

Suzanne Rogers, Pam Pongratz, Kelly DeMello and Kris Clemenger

Adrienne Acre, Lisa Schmidt, Marisa Farpon and Judy Schons

Jojo Hou, Dina Mauger, Janet Wright and Karen Bridges

Suzanne Found the Mulch.... ooohhhh and a well placed treeeeee

It was a fabulous two days at Singing Hills. Some of the renovations involved adding a lot more water. A few LPGA Amateur members' golf balls may be drowning right now.

Dina Mauger and Janet Wright

Susan Hoffman and Sally Hagar

Narcisa Laranjeira and Donna Evans

Jennifer Wild and Suzanne LaTour

Nancy Homer

Meinir Heilbrun

Jojo Hou, Dina Mauger, Karen Bridges and Margaret Ashwell with the

remnants of a birdie celebration

Susan Hoffman, Denise Nelesen, Jane Langdon and Sally Hagar finishing Hole#11. All four ladies landed on the green and walked away with three pars and on bogey. Impressive!

Thank you to Nan Circo for the Cha Cha 2024 cute table centerpieces and to Beth Davidson for her help in setting up the entire room.

Pretty generous prize to the Overall Champion over the field - Gross and Net - a Vessel Golf Bag with your initials donated by our awesome sponsor - Vessel!

Meinir Heilbrun, Jen Faye, Kelly DeMello and Kris Clemenger

Pat Haberman, Lisa Schidt, Jen Faye and Adrienne Acre

19th Hole Festivities: Kim Greco, Lois Spence, Suzanne Rogers, Adrienne Acre, Pam Pongratz, Stacey Musso and Karen Bridges

Join Us Next Year for Our 2025

Chapter Championship

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