Blandford students give BEAR hugs to Library Assistant Vicki Schaffer at the surprise announcement of her being selected as the 2024-25 District Classified Employee of the Year.

Vicki Schaffer with CSEA President Lita Gallo.

VIDEO of Vicki Schaffer

Rowland Unified School District is proud to celebrate all of the dedicated classified employees across the District this week, including Classified Employee of the Year, Library Assistant Vicki Schaffer.

Her passion for literacy has helped add more than 15,000 book titles to Blandford's library, diversifying the fiction collection by adding high-interest and relevant non-fiction popular titles. Mrs. Schaffer joined RUSD in 2006 and has impacted not only literacy programs at Blandford, but has served on committees to help improve libraries Districtwide. She is beloved by students and knows each by their name and encourages them to read and find books that interest them. We congratulate her on this honor!


The Rowland Unified School District celebrated with our community the ribbon cutting and community open house on May 15th to celebrate the completion of the Stanley G. Oswalt Academy new campus project. The Rowland Unified School District thanks the community for their support of the Measure R Bond that funded the $50 million project.

OSWALT VIDEO: Click here to view a video of the new Oswalt Academy campus.


The new Oswalt Academy campus features new playfields, playgrounds and playground equipment, improved parking areas, 41 new restrooms, 3 elevators and 80,000 square foot of new buildings:

  • West Classroom Building (Two story 22,800 square foot, includes 12 classrooms, 2 PE lockers rooms)
  • East Classroom Building (Two story 22,800 square foot, includes 13 classrooms, multiuse offices)
  • Kindergarten Building (8,800 square foot includes 5 classrooms, 3 teacher work rooms and playground)
  • Oswalt Office and Library (7,300 square foot includes reception area, 8 offices, teacher prep areas, library and learning spaces)
  • Multi-Purpose Room, Kitchen and Music Classrooms (Two story 15,500 square foot includes MPR with stage, full-service kitchen and covered exterior lunch shelter, music and band classrooms) 

The festive event was also the 40th anniversary of the campus! Community members enjoyed displays of Oswalt through the years, complete with yearbooks to peruse.

RUSD In the News...

Channel 4 "Today in L.A." News

CLICK TO VIEW Channel 4 News "Today in L.A.'s Bright Spot" feature on Rowland Unified that included stories on District Teacher of the Year Paula Martinez from Telesis Academy, District Classified Employee of the Year, Vicki Schaffer from Blandford Elementary, and the ribbon cutting and community celebration of the new Oswalt Academy campus.

Congratulations to our Site Classifed

Employees of the Year

Betty Perez Soto

Secretary - Bilingual (Sp)

Alvarado Intermediate

Raul Alvarez

Irrigation Technician

Building Services

Erica Garcia

Career/Vocational Assistant

District Office

Mary E. Fregoso

Instructional Assistant II Bilingual (Sp)

Giano Intermediate

Andrea Nunez

Behavior Support Assistant

Hollingworth Elementary

Lizeth Valentin

Behavior Support Assistant

Bilingual (Sp)

Hurley Elementary

Heidy Lopez

Instructional Assistant II

Jellick Elementary

Barry Alford

District Safety

John A. Rowland High School

Michael Allen

Instructional Assistant II

Killian Elementary

Hector Pineda

Instructional Assistant II

Nogales High School

Angie Biltonen

School Office Manager

Bilingual (Sp)

Northam Elementary

Elia Sepulveda

Health Assistant

Bilingual (Sp)

Rorimer Elementary

Mingyi Wynne

Instructional Assistant I

Rowland Adult & Community Education

Breanna Garcia

Behavior Support Assistant

Rowland Elementary

Gloria Alverdin

Playground Supervision Aide

Telesis Academy

Leigh Anne Tellez

Health Assistant

Santana High School

Geissel Foster

Behavior Support Assistant

Shelyn Elementary

Minda Zabala Nojadera


Supervision Aide

Stanley G. Oswalt Academy

Cynthia Theingi


Instructional Assistant II

Villacorta Elementary

Anabel Valera


Supervision Aide

Ybarra Academy

Elsa Rivera

Instructional Assistant II

Yorbita Elementary

Almario Batac

School Bus Driver

Transporation Services

Rose Ruiz

Administrative Secretary


Nutrition Services

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