2024 Awards Program and Nomination Process

The Awards Committee is pleased to announce this year's

Awards Program and Nomination Process.

Guild Awards

The criteria for the Guild Awards are based on the five essential pillars of an active Guild. These pillars are:

1. Spiritual Formation - Provide opportunities to expand and enrich one’s own spiritual life.

2. Educational Formation - Provide opportunities for all health care professionals to discuss pertinent medical-legal issues that occur in their daily medical practices and help them understand the changing political landscape that threatens physician conscience rights.


3. Fellowship - Provide opportunities for all health care professionals to come together for mutual support and camaraderie. 

4. Service - Provide opportunities for all health care professionals to be involved in service projects.

5. Growth - Recruit five (5) new national dues paying members (in any category).

Guild Awards and How to Qualify

The Pillars Certificate Award

How to qualify: Complete three of the five Pillars of an active Guild. 

St. Luke Award

How to qualify: Complete all five Pillars of an active Guild. 

The Outstanding Guild Award

How to qualify: The Outstanding Guild Award recognizes the Guild that demonstrates exceptional accomplishment in all five pillar areas and promotes the CMA mission among Guild members and the community.

Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award

The Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award honors those individuals who love God and the Catholic Church. Awardees are members of the healing professions and their affiliates. They live out their faith and their love of God in their personal and professional lives through service and commitment to CMA's mission and projects. Their dedication and servant leadership are indicative of a loving response to God’s call to discipleship.

Nomination Process

The qualifying period for this year's CMA Awards Program is June 30, 2023, to July 1, 2024. (Note: If there are Guild events planned during the month of July 2024, you may note those activities on the nomination form.)

All nomination forms must be completed and returned to the national office no later than July 1, 2024, for consideration.

Please click on the link(s) below to submit your nomination for the appropriate award(s).

1) Guild Awards - 2024 (Pillars Certificate, Saint Luke Award, Outstanding Guild Award)

2) Outstanding Guild Chaplain Award - 2024

3) Outstanding Student Chapter Award - 2024

4) Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award - 2024

Thank you very much for your participation in this effort.

We look forward to recognizing these exceptional leaders

at the Annual Educational Conference in Orlando, Florida.


Marie-Alberte Boursiquot, M.D.

Chair, Awards Committee