In Case You Missed It: ITRC 2024 Annual Meeting!

More than 250 attendees joined us in Long Beach for various team meetings and the plenary session. Collaboration is at the core of ITRC, so we are thrilled that teams and members had the opportunity to get together to share innovative solutions to some of our Nation's most challenging environmental challenges. We appreciate the enthusiasm, passion, and time dedicated by presenters and team members that made this year's Annual Meeting so successful!

Plenary Session

ITRC welcomed Carol Eddy-Dilek from the Savannah River National Laboratory and Dr. Bridger Ruyle, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford, as keynote speakers.

An archive of Dr. Ruyle's presentation is now available via the ITRC website. His presentation showcased the utilization of artificial intelligence tools to identify PFAS migration pathways and timescales from contaminated sites to downstream drinking water resources.

Dr. Ruyle's Plenary Presentation

Post-Meeting Resources

Visit ITRC's LinkedIn page for a glimpse into the meeting through photos!

ITRC via LinkedIn

An attendee list from the meeting is also available.

Full Attendee List