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2024: A Pivotal Year of Elections That Could Reshape Global Politics

In 2024, over 60 countries are set to hold elections, marking a record number and earning the year the label "the ultimate election year." The elections are seen as a crucial litmus test for gauging global responses to ongoing crises, with concerns about the state of democracy and the potential for a shift toward more autocracy depending on the outcomes. Read on.

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Global Commitments on the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A new analysis explores the key human rights commitments made by member States and non-state actors during the 75th Universal Declaration of Human Rights anniversary. Read on.

Securing Digital Privacy: The Imperative for an International Cybersecurity Framework

As online activity becomes ubiquitous, concerns over data privacy intensify, exemplified by the global scrutiny surrounding TikTok. An international cybersecurity framework and a uniform international standard are needed to safeguard individuals' rights across borders. Read on.


Record Growth: Global Renewable Energy Capacity Soars by 50% in 2023

Global renewable energy capacity experienced unprecedented growth in 2023, reaching the fastest pace in the last two decades, with a 50% increase to 510 gigawatts, marking the 22nd consecutive year of setting new records. Read on.

State of the Climate: 2023 Sets Records for Surface Temperature and Ocean Heat

2023 emerged as the warmest year on record, surpassing the 1.5C target and setting new highs for global surface temperatures and ocean heat content, according to a comprehensive review by Carbon Brief. "It was the first year the global average land temperature was more than 2C above pre-industrial levels." Read on.


Global Food Price Risks: Navigating Threats from Middle East Conflict to Climate Change

Despite recent downward trends, global food prices face multiple risks, including the potential escalation of the Middle East conflict leading to a sustained oil price spike and long-term climate change effects such as extreme weather events and water scarcity. These risks may impact production and transportation costs, contributing to upward pressure on food prices. Read on.

Geopolitical Conflicts Threaten Global Commerce and Maritime Trade Routes

Geopolitical conflicts, including the spillover of the Israel-Hamas conflict into the Red Sea and Russia's actions in Ukraine and the Black Sea, are posing significant threats to global commerce and shipping routes. As territorial and geopolitical disputes escalate, disruptions in vital sea lanes could have severe repercussions. Read on.


Global Public Overwhelmingly Supports the Idea of a World Parliament

A recent survey commissioned by the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 2023 suggests that in 13 out of 15 countries, a majority of the public supports the establishment of a world parliament. Read on.

SIS Global Elections Tracker: Navigating Key National Elections Worldwide Beyond 2024

SIS launched the Global Elections Tracker to spotlight significant national elections globally until 2025. Leveraging the expertise of SIS scholars, the initiative aims to analyze the impact of these elections on democracy, global security, economic growth, and human rights. Read on.


Enhancing Global Resilience Amidst Declining Cooperation

The recently launched Global Cooperation Barometer by the World Economic Forum reveals that there was an overall 2% decline in global cooperation from 2020 to 2022. The barometer assesses various pillars of global cooperation and highlights the challenges faced in recent years, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to address global issues. Read on.


Global Refugee Forum Ends with Over $2.2B in Pledges to Enhance Lives of Refugees and Aid Host Countries

The Global Refugee Forum concluded in Geneva with over $2.2 billion in pledges to improve the lives of refugees and support host countries. Participating states also committed to resettling one million refugees by 2030, emphasizing the transformative power of multilateralism and the need for global solidarity. Read on.

Israeli and American Jews Call for Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid Amid Gaza Crisis

Amid the Israeli military actions in Gaza, Israeli and American Jewish groups, including Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, are advocating for an immediate ceasefire and increased humanitarian aid. They express concern over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and condemn Israel's policies, urging the U.S. government to influence a change in Israel's approach and allow humanitarian aid in accordance with legal obligations. Read on.

January 2024 Global Citizen Blog

In this edition, we explore:

  • The ramifications of the conflict in Gaza, which include the destruction of cultural and historical landmarks, educational institutions, and the loss of lives among artists, journalists, and academics. Read on.
  • The examination of the current global nuclear threat and the proposition that strengthening global governance, particularly by transforming the UN into a genuine federation of nations, could pave the way for a nuclear-free world. Read on.
  • The UN Secretary-General's urgent call for global unity in addressing ongoing challenges, emphasizing collective action for peace, sustainable development, and human rights amidst current crises. Read on.

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