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What's Your Plan?TM
Thursday, March 9th - Noon EST
Anatomy of a Financial Plan

Come learn how we create a financial plan. What are the different parts of a plan? How does a financial plan help you achieve your goals and stay on track? Our process is unique and insightful. 
Peek over the shoulders of Dan Galli, CFP®, Karen Van Voorhis, CFP®, and Brian Franford, Associate Financial Planner, and see how we create and implement a real financial plan.
Thursday, May 11th - Noon EST
eMoney Users: Cool Stuff to Know

We use a robust and powerful software program with our advisory clients called eMoney.

Come see how eMoney works:
  • see all your accounts
  • create various reports
  • track your spending
  • build a budget
  • use your vault to store important files and documents, and 
  • manage your financial plan

If you’re using eMoney now, come to learn new ways that eMoney can serve you. If you are curious if eMoney is right for you, join Dan Galli, CFP®, Karen Van Voorhis, CFP®, and Brian Franford, Associate Financial Planner, for this interactive webinar.
See a short eMoney video and description on our website.
Thursday, July 13th - Noon EST
Big Lottery Win?
What You Need to Know

There’s almost no chance of winning a huge lottery prize, but what happens if you do?
If you’ve ever fantasized about what to do if you win the lottery, we’ll walk you through the smart moves to take if this happens…how to claim a big prize, the taxes involved, and how to assemble a team to guide you.
Join Dan Galli, CFP® and Karen Van Voorhis® for this unique financial planning topic.
Thursday, September 14th - Noon EST
Open Enrollment: How to Make Smart Benefit Choices

It’s that time of year again for most employer-sponsored benefit plans…Open Enrollment. Many employers offer worthwhile optional benefits and we’ll cover a few of the most common ones.

Among other topics, we’ll guide you through the immediate and long-term financial considerations when comparing a high-deductible medical plan with an HSA versus a traditional medical plan with an FSA, group life insurance, disability insurance, and more.
Join Dan Galli, CFP®, and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® as they explain the most common employee options.
Thursday, November 9th - Noon EST
Bonds Aren’t Boring!

Bonds are becoming more attractive now that interest rates have increased. How do bonds work? What’s the difference between government bonds and corporate bonds? Where can you buy I bonds and US Treasuries? What are the risks with bonds? 
This webinar will explore the unfamiliar world of bonds. You’ll learn all you need to know about these often-misunderstood investments.
Join Dan Galli, CFP®, and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® as they explore this valuable investment option.
Thursday, December 14th - Noon EST
SECURE Act 2.0 and Other 2024 Planning Tips

Many SECURE Act 2.0 provisions will be effective in 2024 and we’ll be ready to share insights on how to maximize your opportunities.
Join Dan Galli, CFP®, and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® as they share the latest financial planning opportunities based on new regulations.
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