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2023 Updates to Servicing DoD Shipments

15 Days until Peak Season!

Let's continue to prepare by making sure we are up to date on the new regulations effective on 15 May 2023 for domestic and international shipments in the DP3 Household Goods Program. Please note the updates are copied verbatim from the applicable resource and our comments (if any) are italicized following the passage.
Tender of Service

Non-Use B.6.c
TSP's use of SIT/NTS or other local agents who are in a non-use status for origin or destination services in any capacity for DoD personal property shipments may result in punitive action. 

If you are placed in non-use by the local base or USTC, please notify Agent & Business Services at 800-323-9125. We face suspension if we unknowingly use an agent's services while they are in non-use.

Performance Requirements C.1.h
A customer must be provided with an arrival window (0800-1200 or 1200-1700) the day prior to any scheduled pack, pick-up, or delivery date.
Failure to do so may result in any attempted pick-up, attempted delivery, or dry-run charges NOT being approved by the base.

The agent or hauler should contact the customer the day before a job and provide a window of arrival time.

Pre-Move Survey C.1.j.2
A pre-move survey must be conducted and provided to the TSP five (5) GBD from accepting shipment, but NLT than nine (9) days prior to the first scheduled pack/pickup date, whichever is later.
It is important that each customer is contacted immediately (after booking is confirmed). Notify our office if you have trouble reaching a customer, or if you have scheduled a survey date. This will help to avoid multiple requests for the survey results.

Pickup Spread Dates C.1.k.1.6
If the customer requests a change to the spread dates, I will submit the request to the PPSO via email with the customer's agreement in the email trail as soon as possible, but no later than prior to the printing of the bill of lading. 

Per our memos released in February 2023 for domestic and international shipments – agents are NOT authorized to coordinate any date changes directly with a customer. All requests for date changes must be sent to our office where we will discuss with the customer. This includes changes in the spread, OR after the pre-move survey where the load date would change. Pack days are still permitted to be added or removed during the pre-move survey.

Lithium Batteries C.2.e/f/g
I understand it is my responsibility to ensure items containing lithium batteries are properly packaged for the type of transportation service being provided.

Two memos released recently by NFC provide detailed instructions on how to ship lithium batteries.

This is a topic that is complex and we encourage our network to take an online class developed by the International Association of Movers in collaboration with the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) titled Lithium Batteries Transportation Course. Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

Electronic Inventories C.5.a.1
Electronic Inventories are again strongly encouraged this year but are not mandatory until May 15, 2024.
A copy of the inventory (regardless of handwritten or digital) must be provided to the customer prior to leaving the residence. If your equipment is not functioning and it prevents you from sending a digital copy, a back-up plan must be implemented to include the use of a handwritten, or hard copy inventory, to be provided to the customer prior to leaving the residence. 

If you wish to pursue the use of electronic inventories, a good place to start is the IAM website which provides a list of providers, ISO standards and more.

Firearms C.5.a.(10)
I agree to annotate each privately owned firearm on the inventory by make, model, caliber or gauge, and serial number. Privately owned firearms manufactured prior to 1968 will be annotated as such on the inventory and acknowledged by the customer. Any other privately owned firearm without a serial number will not be packed in the customer’s personal property and customers will be referred to the PPSO for alternate shipping options.  

At the time of the pre-move survey, advise the customer that we cannot accept firearms without serial numbers for transport and they must speak to their PPSO for alternate shipping instructions. At the time of packing if the customer requests packing of firearms without serial numbers DO NOT accept them. Contact our office immediately.

400NG & IT-23

Gun Safes & Additional Labor
PPSO may authorize additional labor in the handling of gun safes over 300 pounds. If approved, labor will be billed utilizing Item 120 Extra Labor for domestic shipments and Item 502 Labor Charges for international shipments.

It is important to note gun safes and their estimated weight on the pre-move survey form. Providing information such as the make, model or any identifiable serial numbers will help our team gain pre-approval for extra labor in a timely manner for you.
Claims Business Rules

FRV Liability 1.2
A TSP must use a replacement cost in the local area where the customer resides or inform the customer that part of the replacement costs includes the shipping and delivery charges.

Replacement cost, whether depreciated or undepreciated, is based on the replacement cost at destination and includes shipping charges, assembly fees and sales tax.

Exclusions from Liability 1.4
Exclusions for Acts of God will be determined on a per shipment basis by the MCO. The TSP should be prepared to provide evidence that proper mitigation efforts were exercised.

Transfer of Custody of Shipments 1.9
Responsibility for mitigation, remediation and liability for potential mold may not be transferred by documenting the suspected mold on the exception (rider) sheet.

Mold 1.5.2
When mold is discovered, the TSP will notify the customer, the servicing MCO, and the inspecting PPSO/PPPO, and update the destination PPSO/PPPO with findings within 2 days of discovery. The TSP will continue shipping operations to a location as determined by the TSP and responsible PPSO/PPPO, but it will not deliver to a customer’s residence prior to inspection.

Once the mold is discovered (whether from a home, mini-storage, or warehouse) STOP all work and contact our office immediately at 800-325-6889 for guidance.

Payment in Lieu of Remediation
TSP shall contact and schedule the services of a qualified mold remediation firm within 3 GBDs from direction of a Government official, in order to obtain an itemized written estimate, unless otherwise directed by the MCO or responsible PPSO/PPPO.

Items Suitable for Cleaning or Remediation
Sentimental items retrieved from a mold shipment will be limited to those few items of extreme sentimental value that cannot be replaced, such as photo albums, special flags and awards, jewelry, or other heirloom type items.

Substantiation of Claims 2.3
In the event that a repair estimate and repairs cannot be obtained, the TSP will be liable for Full Replacement Value (FRV).

Burden of Proof 2.3.2
Failure of electronic items will be assumed to be transit related. On claims that are filed directly with the TSP within nine months of delivery, the TSP will attempt to obtain the repair estimate, including the repair technician’s option as to the source of the damage.

Notice of Loss and Damage 2.3.3
The TSP will provide a toll-free number and email address that the customer can use to contact the TSP on the ‘Notification of Loss and Delivery’ form. Failure to provide the contact information will result in the 180-day notice period starting on the day after contact information is provided or delivery is updated in DPS, whichever is later.

On shipments tendered to you from National, the contact information should be as follows:
National Claims Services
Ph: 800-325-6889

Salvage 2.7
The TSP may reduce their offer by no more than 25% in exchange for waiving their salvage rights unless there is an established secondary market that would support a higher salvage valuation.
For further reading, the 2023 Tender of Service, IT-23, 400NG and Claims Business Rules can be found on USTRANSCOM's website under the section marked 2023 Business Rules.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Agent & Business Services at
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