2023 Spring Raffle Results!
Dear Members and Friends,

During our Annual Meeting last month, Claire Cowan, Chair of the Finance Committee, projected that we needed a $35,000 fundraiser to break even in this year’s budget. So, we decided to run the "You Decide How to Spend Your Winnings" raffle. After two highly successful raffles, we experienced a drop-off in ticket sales this year, ending with 1,340 tickets sold. Although not as much as we had hoped for, we still generated a revenue boost of $26,800 for First Parish! Amy Woodhouse (our third prize winner) generously donated her winnings back to First Parish, giving us a total revenue of $27,600. Given our conservative estimates of $6,930 in expenses (listed below), we will make $20,670 (compared to $28,355 last year)!

Prizes - $6,000
Printing - $700
State Raffle License - $180
Stamps - $50

Here are the results of the drawing:

First Prize of $5,000 – Francelle Carapetyan (First Parish member)
Second Prize of $1,000 – Chip Gavin & Andrea Kessler (sold by Amber Griffin)
Third Prize of $500 – Amy Woodhouse (sold by Val Blais) 

People who sold the most tickets:

Taryn Friedman sold 52 tickets (she sold the most tickets to win the first prize of $100)
Nancy Berges sold 43 tickets
Jason Shedlock & Amber Friedman sold 40 tickets
Angus Ferguson sold 40 tickets

108 people (compared to 131 last year) sold tickets for us. They averaged 12.4 tickets per person. Just think what we could do if more of our members and friends joined in on the fun! For those of you who helped sell tickets this year – our heartfelt thanks – your support is much appreciated. For those of you who chose to sit this one out - we hope you choose to join the fun next year!

Thank you,

The Raffle Committee
Chair: Bill Adams
Members: Jackie Oliveri, Val Blais, Bob Fowler, Nancy Berges, Elissa Armstrong, Mary Morin, Lionel Derriey
First Parish in Portland
A Unitarian Universalist Congregation 
425 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04101   207-773-5747  
 Nurture the Spirit, Grow in Community 
and Help Heal the World