Hello all,

The first round of committee hearings has been completed and many transportation-related bills continue to advance including HB2543, the RTAC rural priority project legislation, which has passed both the House Transportation & Infrastructure and Appropriations Committees by 9-1 and 12-2 margins. The bill is scheduled to be caucused in the House today, where the majority and minority party members will gather amongst themselves to discuss their positions on the bills that are ready to advance for consideration and a vote by the whole Chamber. Such a vote could come as early as tomorrow. The list of projects included n the bill and an amendment adding an additional $31 million in projects are both attached.

An updated transportation bill matrix is also attached with updates on the contents and status of each transportation-related bill. I have retained all of the bills that have died on the matrix for one last week.

Kevin Adam,
Legislative Liaison
Rural Transportation Advocacy Council