Hello all,

Yesterday, the Legislature passed a $17.8B budget for the upcoming year which the Governor is highly expected to approve. There was tremendous competition for the available funding and additional revenues were provided to education, housing, homeless assistance, and tax cuts. Transportation infrastructure also received a substantial level of additional funding totaling roughly $680M. A large portion of that funding will be directed to Greater Arizona. The breakdown is:


$54.3M for pavement rehabilitation for rural highways in poor or fair condition

$12.5M for the SMART Program to provide federal grant assistance for rural communities

$76.2M for the I-17 lane additions

$89M for the I-10 widening between Casa Grande and Chandler

$52.1M for I-10 widening in Buckeye (adjusted to FY22/23 budget)

$22.4M in supplemental appropriations for projects funded last year

$7M for Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

$367.7M for various projects across the State (85% of that revenue directed to Greater Arizona projects)


Of the $367.7M for various projects, 27 projects from HB2543, the RTAC rural priority project legislation, were included. In total, 35 projects located in Greater Arizona received $311.8M of this funding.  There was also a redistribution of revenue appropriated to projects last year resulting in both reductions and increases to various projects. I’m working on a comprehensive overview of all the projects with a breakdown by region which I hope to distribute shortly. In the meantime, I’m attaching a spreadsheet developed by legislative staff which breaks down the budget by spending items and includes all of the transportation projects on pages 7 & 8.

FY23/24 Arizona State Budget Spreadsheet

Kevin Adam,
Legislative Liaison
Rural Transportation Advocacy Council