Popcorn Kernel

Newsletter VOL 2


Check out this quick video on how to place your order.

Log into your Trail’s End unit leader portal.

From the home page on your unit leader portal, confirm fundraising cycle is set to 2023. Then click the 'Order Popcorn' button at the top of the dashboard page, or click 'Popcorn Orders and Returns' from the left-hand navigation, then click 'Order Popcorn'.

1. Select the order type from the Choose Delivery dropdown menu, for this order you will be selecting Show and Sell

2. A popup will appear asking the amount you would like to order

3. Enter the dollar amount and click 'Auto Populate Order'

4. Your product mix will auto-populate based on the Council's suggested product mix

5. Make necessary adjustments in the Order Adj (+ or -) column

6. View your Final Unit Order column to confirm.

7. You can click 'Save as draft" to return to it later or 'Submit' the order to your council for approval

8. Once the order is approved, you will receive an email notification and can view your invoice

If you need help logging in contact Jessica Smith (jessica.smith2@Scouting.org) or Sarah Flowers (sarah.flowers@scouting.org) at the Council office.