SMCTA 2023 Measure A & W Calls for Projects Look Ahead

January 2023

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) wishes you a happy New Year as we look toward an exciting 2023 that includes both the Shuttle Program Call for Projects (CFP) and the Highway Program Call for Projects (CFP).

We look forward to continuing to invest in first/last mile connections for the San Mateo County shuttle network as people to continue to return work as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The TA is also excited to further multimodal, safety, and operational enhancements to highway system throughout the county.

This look ahead is intended to help inspire our local partners and eligible sponsors to begin planning and budgeting for these upcoming opportunities. Key details for each CFP are listed below. We also encourage you to check our CFP webpage for updates throughout the year as deadlines and funding is subject to change.

Please feel free to contact Patrick Gilster, the TA’s Manager of Planning and Funding Management at with any questions.

2022 CFP Recap

In 2022, we had the opportunity to award $3 million to 19 projects as part of our new Alternative Congestion Relief and Transportation Demand Management Program (ACR/TDM). Some example awards include the Midcoastside TDM Plan for Half Moon Bay and San Mateo County, providing rideshare vouchers in Colma to support the Veterans Village and low-income workers, and providing startup funding for the Burlingame and Millbrae Bikeshare program. To read more about the program and review the full list of awards, check out our ACR/TDM page.

The TA also held its largest ever CFP for Cycle 6 of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Program awarding about $22 million in funding for 25 projects spread across San Mateo County. Some example awards include the construction of pedestrian improvements along Redwood Avenue in Redwood City, design and construction of bikeway improvements on Esplanade Avenue & Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica and developing Vision Zero Design Standards in Daly City. To read more about the program and review the full list of awards, check out our Pedestrian and Bicycle page

Winter 2023 - Shuttle Program (Joint CFP with C/CAG)

The next joint TA and City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) Shuttle CFP for Fiscal Years 2024 and 2025 will build on the 2021 Peninsula Shuttle Study that was prepared jointly by SamTrans and Caltrain. The Shuttle Study identified strategies to streamline the management of shuttle operations and made recommendations for SMCTA and C/CAG to consider for the CFP process. The new evaluation criteria and application process will be incorporated in this CFP (see Appendix A of the Shuttle Study for more details).

The funding for this CFP is intended to start new local transportation services, augment existing services, or continue shuttle service previously funded by the Program. Shuttles funded through this program must be open to the general public, and conform to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Eligible applicants, including local jurisdictions and/or public agencies within San Mateo County, can apply for funding to establish local shuttle services designed to assist resident and employee travel within the County and/or to connect with regional transportation service (e.g., major SamTrans routes, Caltrain, BART, ferries). 

Key Dates

  • CFP Release: January 13, 2023
  • Applications Due: February 24, 2023
  • Expected Awards: June 2, 2023

Available Funding

  • TA Measure A Shuttle Program - $10 million
  • C/CAG Congestion Relief Program - $1 million

Fall 2023 - Highway Program

The 2023 Highway Program CFP will include upward of $100 million in combined funding from Measure A and W. The focus of the program is to reduce traffic congestion and improve throughput and safety on the most critical commute corridors in San Mateo County. With the passage of Measure W, the TA is able to fund more multimodal projects on the highway system with the goal of improving conditions for all transportation system users.

In 2021, the TA Board adopted the Short Range Highway Plan (SRHP) and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to support future investment decisions for the Measure A Highways & Measure W Countywide Highway Congestion categories. To be eligible for the Call for Projects a project must be included in the CIP, identified in the gap analysis in the SRHP, or be specifically identified in either the Measure A or W expenditure plans. Please also note that the TA can only fund up to 50% of a projects total cost and all grant requests must include a minimum funding match of 10%.

To find out more about this program, see past successful awards, and review the SRHP and CIP, please visit Highway Program page here

Key Dates

  • Release: July 7, 2023
  • Applications Due: September 1, 2023
  • Expected Awards: December 7, 2023

Available Competitive Funding

  • TA Measure A & W - $100 million+

*Note the funding availability and planned dates are subject to change based on Measure A & W funding availability or TA staffing. 

Website Updates—Sharing Funding Knowledge

In addition to promoting Measure A and Measure W Calls for Projects opportunities through our website, local jurisdictions can now access a new web page on the TA site that shares other active and upcoming county, regional, state, and federal funding opportunities. This resource is intended to be a one-stop shop for local agencies to see what competitive grant programs are currently available. Additionally, the TA is sharing each opportunity it posts with local agency staff to ensure all San Mateo County jurisdictions have the opportunity to apply for all available funding. The web page can be accessed here. 

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