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E-Update | June 2023

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2023 Innovate Michigan! Summit

We’re only days away from opening registration for the 2023 Innovate Michigan! Summit. Through 2022 attendee feedback and evaluations, the REI team has made changes to how you’ll be able to engage with speakers, attendees, and even sharing your experience via social media! Once registered, attendees will have the opportunity to upload their picture, bio, interests, resume, and even message each other to network while at the Summit. 


This year’s Summit will also provide the opportunity to earn Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. AICP "offers AICP certified planners professional development opportunities that keep them abreast of the latest best practices in planning".


Attendees will also be able to share their ideas virtually and on the ‘economic development graffiti wall’.  


The agenda includes invited keynote Dr. Nabil Nasr, CEO of ReMade Institute, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director, Golisano Institute for Sustainability at Rochester Institute of Technology. 


Join us for presentations surrounding innovative economic development tools, models, programs, and policies from around the state. We look forward to seeing you there!
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