TSG Building Code 2023 Series: Combined Segments to Date

Welcome to Segment 7 of our "Building Code 2023: Stay Ahead" series. The 8th Edition (2023) Florida Building Code is now officially in effect as of December 31, 2023.

In this latest update, we're revisiting crucial additional electrical revisions following our previous Segment 5 update:

  1. Whole-house Surge protectors are now mandatory.
  2. GFCI Receptacle Update.
  3. Energy Code Building Air Barrier.

Staying updated on these alterations is critical for compliance and ensuring your projects meet the revised standards outlined in the Florida Building Code.

Thank you for your ongoing trust in Total Solutions Group as we help guide you through these essential code updates.

Best regards,

Mike Keesee & Carl Brown

TSG Founders

Additional items for the 8th Edition 2023 - Electrical Code

1. Whole-house surge protectors are now mandatory:

NFPA 70 - National Electric Code 2020

Article 230.67 Surge Protection

All services supplying dwelling units shall be provided with a surge-protective device (SPD).

Refer to article 230.67 for more information.

230.67 Surge Protection

(A) Surge-protective Device. All services supplying dwelling units shall be provided with a surge-protective device (SPD).

(B) Location. The SPD shall be an integral part of the service equipment or shall be located immediately adjacent thereto.

Exception: The SPD shall not be required to be located in the service equipment as required in (B) if located at each next level distribution equipment downstream toward the load.

(C) Type. The SPD shall be a Type 1 or Type 2 SPD.

(D) Replacement. Where service equipment is replaced, all of the requirements of this section shall apply.

2.   GFCI Receptacle Update:

210.8A Dwelling Units. States that all receptacles 125v - 250v must be GFI protected in the designated areas.

Code Change Summary: New requirements added to existing code language. For dwellings, the 2020 NEC® will expand.

  • This cycle removes “15- and 20- ampere” from the text and expands GFCI protection in dwellings to include receptacles up to 250 volts such as the typical range or dryer receptacle, but only if these receptacles are placed in specific locations. GFCI requirements to include receptacles up to 250V in specific locations.
  • Applying the revised code language in this section will also mean that 240V residential clothes dryer receptacles will require GFCI protection.

3.   Energy Code Building Air Barrier:

R402.4.6 Air-sealed electrical and communication boxes.

Air-sealed electrical and communication boxes that penetrate the air barrier of the building thermal envelope shall be caulked, taped, gasketed or otherwise sealed to the air barrier element being penetrated. Air-sealed boxes shall be buried in or surrounded by insulation. Air-sealed boxes shall be marked in accordance with NEMA OS 4. Airsealed boxes shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Florida Residential Code 2023:

Link to Chapter 34 - Section E3408

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