2023-24 South Central Advisory Board Members

Q: What do board members do?

A: Plenty!


  1. Guide decisions of the SC Regional Board
  2. Volunteer at STEM fests and events
  3. Participate in regional and state-level STEM meetings
  4. Connect the regional hub with community resources
  5. Evaluate programming and applications
  6. Provide advocacy and support of STEM and K-12 Iowa students
  7. And much more!

Thank You!

We're grateful for the work and advocacy our board puts into STEM education.

2023-24 Board Members

  • Bridgette Andrews
  • Ashley Cook
  • Creighton Cox
  • Sherry Ford
  • Mahesh Mathrubutham*
  • Ronda McCarthy
  • Alison Mohr*
  • Joe Murphy
  • Amber Pargmann
  • Laura Williams


2023-24 Board Volunteers

  • Ken Bozer
  • Mike Cockrum
  • Alexis Cordts
  • Casey Howard

* = co-chairs

If you would like to attend a board meeting, please email Dr. Sarah Derry at scstemhub@drake.edu. In the subject line, please write “Request — Board Meeting Invitation."