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2023-2024 Testing Schedule for

SC READY (3rd – 8th Grades) and

EOCEP (Middle/High School)

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2023-2024 Testing Schedule for SC READY (3rd – 8th Grades)

and EOCEP (Middle/High School)

It's time for the annual testing season and we want to ensure that we are well prepared. Please find attached the testing schedule for SC READY (3rd – 8th Grades) and EOCEP (Middle/High School) for the academic year 2023-2024.

To assist with your scholar's preparation for the tests, the SC Department of Education has created a website that provides comprehensive testing resources in various languages. You can access these resources by visiting the link provided below. Let's work together to make this testing season a success!

Testing Resources

JCSD Scholars Shine Bright at SkillsUSA Challenge

Congratulations to the JCSD scholars who committed to competing in the SkillsUSA competition. We are proud of you for your hard work!

Please join us in congratulating our medalists. We are proud that their commitment to excellence is rewarded with these results.

Congratulations to:

Lamika Walker

1st Place in Interview Skills

Lamika will compete in the National Competition in Atlanta, GA in June.

Antonio Chavez and Elicier Morales

3rd Place Drone Team

Thank you to our advisor, Mr. Bolsch, Asst. Director and driver,

Mrs. Broughton, and Mrs. Walker. 

Moe Brown

1st Place - Barbering

Jamiah Jones

1st Place - Culinary

Watch: Parent Guide to Summer Reading Camp 2024

Summer Reading Camp (available for 2nd & 3rd grade students) (invite only) 

In accordance with the law, every school district in South Carolina is required to identify third-grade students who are not proficient in reading on their grade level. These students must be given the chance to attend a summer reading camp. The summer reading camps will be led by highly qualified teachers who have experience in working with struggling readers. Students will have the opportunity to receive individual and small group instruction to improve their reading, writing, listening, and researching skills. Each school will identify and inform the students who have been selected for this program. Not accepting the invitation may lead to the student being held back in the third grade.

Professional Development: South Carolina Association of Education Office Professionals ("SCAEOP") Conference

The Jasper County Association of Educational Office Professionals ("JAEOP") Women of Excellence attended the South Carolina Association of Education Office Professionals ("SCAEOP") Conference collaborate with professionals.

HJSHS Culinary Institute of the South Field Trip

Food and Nutrition 2 students from Hardeeville Junior and Senior High School visited the Culinary Institute of the South, where they met with Chef Damon Dickerson, who gave them a guided tour of the facilities. 

Students had the opportunity to view various high-tech food preparation areas and students at work and engage in real-world activities facilitated by the institution which had guests being served in their café and bistro.

They also had the pleasure of meeting a student presently attending the Institute who was a student in Jasper County two years ago. 

Chef Dickerson provided valuable information to the students about the different job opportunities that exist in the Food and Hospitality industry. He also shared the average annual salary for each occupation, and emphasized on the places where students can apply for jobs after completing their course of study.

Students listened attentively and answered questions promptly when asked. The Technical College of the Lowcountry provides students with a range of programs that can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis after completing high school. Additionally, students can choose between day or evening classes and also participate in internships. These internships offer hands-on training and real-world experiences, which can be valuable for their future endeavors.

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