Jewish Academy Parents,

The futures starts today!

We look forward to Career Week on Oct. 18 through 25th. This year's cast of speakers includes doctors, lawyers, Israeli armed force members and more. As part of our annual Career Week, students in Kindergarten through 8th grade must complete Career Fair Requirements. Students must choose a different career than previous years in order to expose them to a wide range of future career options.

Career Fair Reports will be assigned to students on Tuesday, Aug. 29th:

  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade students will be assigned a specific Community Helper and will create a Pennant project that they will display during our Career Fair. All students will be assigned to a different person. They will need to color/decorate their banner, glue it to construction paper, and memorize one fact about their person. 
  • Students in 2nd and 3rd grade must select a career that interests them and research their selected profession. Students will need to create a poster board demonstrating knowledge of that career. See below for complete project guidelines:
  • Students in 4th-8th Grade must create 1) a written report describing the researched career of their choice, 2) a poster presenting the career of their choice, and 3) a future graduate packet.

SAVE THE DATE. WED., OCT 25TH from 8AM to 9AM will be our Annual Career Fair. At the Fair, students will be displaying their tri-fold board and presentations to fellow students, teachers, parents, and community members.

Administration & teachers will be providing each student a hard copy of instructions. Please check your child's book bag for these instructions on Tuesday. Project guidelines will be reviewed in class and supplemental material will be emailed and posted online.

We look forward to this special experience for our students!

K to 8th Grade Career Fair Guidelines
Career Fair instructional video for parents
2nd & 3rd Grade Career Fair Supplemental Packet

Check out the highlights from previous year's Career Week Fair below!

Highlights from the 2022 Career Fair
Highlights from the 2021 Career Fair
Highlights from the 2019 Career Fair

Looking foward to a great Fair!

Moshe Hecht

The Jewish Academy

How can parents help their children on the Career Fair project?


Review instructions at home with your child.


Purchase a three fold trifold board for your child.


Provide them support in researching their career. If needed, drive them to the library to read books about their chosen career to research or provide them supervised research time on your home computer.

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