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Dear Reader,

On the verge of a new year I'm looking deeper into life, love, self, family and politics, because the old versions of these things seem to have reached a dead end, but perhaps there are new versions waiting to be born beneath the skin of the old.

I know humanity has not reached its potential, and has in many ways gotten stuck in artificial semblances rather than the fuller truths of the things I mentioned above.
What if everything we've known about history and culture was just scratching the surface of who we really are and what we're all about?

If that's the case there's more cause for inspiration than depression at the start of this year, though I know many people around the world are gripped by the latter more than the former.

Here at the College of Visionaries & Wizards we teach a soulful way to not just look at birth charts, but to live life, and it's my fondest New Year's Wish that this approach will catch on and spread.

Here's to a truly Happy New Year from Marcella, Brooke, Sheridan, Ann and the rest of us at CVW ~ May the new year bring your heart's content!


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The Transformational Energy of 2023
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain,Vermont
I explore the nature of a year by combining its main astrological feature(s) with its numerology and Oriental Animal. I see Pluto entering Aquarius as the main astrology feature of 2023, the Cat as its animal, and 7 as its number.

The last time Pluto moved through Aquarius was in the late 1700s, during the French and American Revolutions. On March 23 it reenters that sign, sounding the call for a new revolution that can benefit all of us rather than the citizens of a particular country, because we're all stuck under the yoke of an obsolete and unjust system.

Aquarius is humanity's urge to get past our surface differences to our underlying kinship. Through the ages, this unifying force has had the hardest time overthrowing the rule of tyrants. In today's world, tyrants are harder to spot, because they've been subsumed into faceless corporations and monied interests which segregate people into separate identity clusters based on bigotry and fear. Pluto in Aquarius is asking us to break out of this obsolete model and dream of something bigger, better and more unified.
By Angu Walters
and Evanson Mein 
On January 22, we enter a year some Oriental countries see as Rabbit and others as Cat. I know cats much better so that's how I see it. Cats are the animals that stay poised in rapt attention, with very sharp senses that tune into all movements in their environment. The cat in you is being summoned next year to drop out of your mind into your senses, tuning into your surroundings with keen acuity, asking What's going on here? Who is this other one? What are they bringing me? Moving out of your head into the sharp senses of your body is the way of the cat.
By Angu Walters
and Evanson Mein 
2023 is a 7, number of The Test, in which life will keep asking who you are and what you're doing until you can answer that question with certainty and soul, which requires a breakthrough out of social expediency to enduring self-knowledge. 
Put together, these three factors indicate a sea change in society, with Pluto in Aquarius calling the true human being to emerge from artificial separation, the Cat sharpening your instincts so you can leap into life, and the 7 testing your knowledge of who you are and what you're doing. 

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We are past the mid-point of the approx 18-month Venus in Capricorn cycle that began in January 2022.

This has been an especially strong time to examine our relationship to structures, both in ourselves and in the world, while emphasizing ways to create structures that best support our own unique natures.

If you'd like to take the remaining ascent journey with Marcella & Mireya, the circle will provide a fertile environment for you to:
  • Strengthen your connection to the archetypal forces you carry.
  • Express yourself creatively and authentically.
  • Harness your courage to take risks, let go and create your life.
  • Build life structures that generate your capacity to give your gifts.

Join us for a Q & A on Wed Jan 4 at 2 pm Eastern.

Who Are You Really? Why Are You Here?
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?
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