2022 Tax Season Update

2022 Tax Organizers

The 2022 Tax Organizers have been mailed to all clients that used them last year or requested one for 2022. If you did not receive one or would like one, please reach out to our office. In addition, blank organizers are located on our website or you can follow the link below.

A few notes on the organizer.

  • If the organizer asks for data that will be included on other source documents you provide (i.e. W2's, 1099's, K-1's, etc.) you do NOT need to manually enter those on the organizer. We will simply use the data from the source document you provide to us.
  • As always, we encourage all clients to use the secure client portal to submit any sensitive information to us. This is the most secure and confidential way to get us data. If you already have a portal account but forgot your password, please follow the "forgot password" link on the portal login page. If you have never used the portal and need an account (or you never registered before the initial link expired), please contact our office for another portal invitation.

2022 Blank Organizer
Client Portal Link
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Key Due Dates for 2022 Tax Returns

March 15, 2023

Due date for partnership returns (1065) and S-corp returns (1120S) or extension of the same.

April 18, 2023

Due date for personal returns (1040), estate/trust returns (1041) and C-corp returns (1120) or extension of the same

September 15, 2023

Due date for extended 1120S, 1065 and 1041 tax returns

October 16, 2023

Due date for extended 1040 and 1120 tax returns

A quick reminder on extensions

An extension only extends the time you are given to file your tax return. It does NOT extend the due date for any taxes owed. The IRS can impose a penalty (called failure to pay penalty) in certain situations. The penalty is .5% of the tax not paid for each month or partial month the tax remains unpaid, up to a maximum penalty of 25% of the amount not paid.

As a result, if you file an extension and expect to owe a significant amount of taxes, you should make an estimated payment at the time you file the extension. This will avoid any failure to pay penalty as long as the amount you ultimatley owe when the final return is filed is than 10% of the final tax liability.

In the event you are entitled to a refund, there are NO penalties as you don't owe anything.

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Quick IRS/Washington updates

  • The IRS announced that the 2023 standard mileage rate has been increased to 65.5 cents per mile.
  • At the end of the year, the IRS reported they still had a backlog of over 2 million personal tax returns and close to 400,000 941X forms (for those waiting on ERC money)
  • The Consolidated Appropriations Act that was approved at the end of the year to avoid a government shutdown had two important tax related provisions

Secure 2.0 Act

We will go into this in more detail in a subsequent newsletter but a few highlights

  • An increase in beginning age for RMD's
  • For a person who attains age 72 after Dec 31, 2022 and age 73 before Jan 2033, the RMD age is 73
  • For a person who attains age 74 after Dec 31, 2032, the RMD age is 75.
  • IRA catch-up limit indexed for inflation;
  • Higher catch up limit for older individuals;
  • Additional penalty free withdrawal situations;
  • Tax free rollovers of sec 529 accounts to Roth IRA's

IRS Budget Cut

  • As you may have heard (and we included in our October newsletter), the Inflation Reduction Act was going to increase the IRS budget by $85B to allow for replacing retiring agents (the baby boomer waive), adding more agents (to complete more audits) and add more phone representatives (to improve service levels on calls to the IRS).
  • The appropriations bill has reduced the IRS funding by $75B. As a result, there should not be an increase in audit levels compared to prior years. Unfortunatley, the service levels on calls to the IRS or their ability to reduce backlogs may not improve either.
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Thanks for your patience...

We pride ourselves on being very responsive to your needs and requests.

As we start our busiest season of the year, we thank you in advance for being patient with us if we take a little longer to get back to you or do not have as much time as we normally do to catch up. Thanks for your understanding!