April 28, 2022
Dear Neighbors and Friends:

It has been a great four years. We started this journey to reclaim the voice of the 41st District in early 2018 and have made significant accomplishments since. We withstood some of the most incredible challenges our community has ever faced and thrived in many ways because of your resilience. It is an honor to be your partner and Senate representative in Annapolis.

Even before the 90-day session began in January, the Maryland General Assembly held a rare special session in December 2021 to review proposed congressional and legislative redistricting maps and override bills that Governor Hogan vetoed at the end of the prior legislative session. One of these bills, which I championed, removed the Governor from the parole-granting process, bringing us in line with the rest of the country. Though the special session lasted only three days, this short voyage proved successful for Marylanders. I led the passage of a bill that depoliticized the parole process by removing the governor from having a role in parole decisions; given its impact, the Baltimore Sun featured the bill on its front cover.

The 2022 legislative session was extraordinary in several ways. First, because of the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases across the state at the time, we began the legislative session under strict safety protocols. However, we persevered, made the necessary adjustments, and achieved a lot. On my end, I successfully led 16 bills through the Senate, with 11 bills becoming law. These bills ranged in topic and substance: from reforming the juvenile justice system and imposing common-sense rules on law enforcement officers before they can interrogate children; to encouraging equitable public transportation for all and further democratizing the governance of Baltimore City Public Schools; to paying Marylanders more while they serve on juries and investigating whether police departments are complying with the Public Information Act. In addition to these policy victories, the 41st District Delegation delivered nearly $21.5 million into our community!

Moreover, the General Assembly passed legislation that benefited all Marylanders. We passed the largest tax cut in state history, providing $2 billion in tax relief to small businesses and retirees. We also increased investments in schools and police, passed over 79 bipartisan bills, and of course, passed a balanced budget. We were able to do this due to the remarkable surplus of state funds-- over $7.6 billion at last count. We have worked diligently to ensure that thousands of Marylanders have quality health care, improve public safety, protect the environment, and create economic opportunity. We prioritized mental health care, abortion access, and criminal justice reform. These are the priorities you care about, and that is what we delivered.

While we have made significant strides this session, there is still much progress to be made. Surely we will face more challenges in the coming days, but we will rise to the occasion like we always have. I promise you that I hear you, I am listening, and I will continue to fight for every neighborhood in the 41st District. I look forward to seeing you this summer. Please never hesitate to reach out. Again, it is my honor to serve you. Thank you for your continued trust!

Senator Jill P. Carter
Bills I Championed Into Law
With the Senate passing 16 of my bills this session, it's hard to pinpoint my favorites. Here are some of the most impactful legislative successes from 2022:
  • Senate Bill 23/HB 141 (Equity in Transportation Sector - Guidelines and Analyses) This bill brings equity to our public transportation system by applying the equal access protections afforded under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to state-level transportation. It would require that the Maryland Department of Transportation conduct an equity analysis when creating policies or making service changes. This bill would help ensure that all people in Maryland, no matter their zip code, income, ability status, or age, will have access to quality transportation.
  • Senate Bill 53/HB 269 (Juvenile Law - Child Interrogation Protection Act)– This is a monumental bill. It protects children from being interrogated by law enforcement without first contacting a child’s parent or guardian and allowing the child to meet with an attorney. After years of tireless advocacy for this bill, I am so glad it has passed.
  • Senate Bill 151/ HB 645 (Hate Crimes - False Statement to a Law Enforcement Officer)– This bill protects Marylanders by expanding the definition of hate crimes to include false statements made to law enforcement officers based on a person’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief and more. We are taking necessary action to hold individuals accountable for weaponizing discrimination and personal bias to harm others.  
  • Senate Bill 157/HB 433 (Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners - Student Members and Task Force to Study Compensation and Student Members)– This bill directly impacts our city by altering the voting process for the Baltimore City School Board and expanding the voting rights of student members. It also establishes a task force that would look into the effects of adding a second student member and compensating the board members.
  • Senate Bill 445/HB 464 (Baltimore City – 41st Legislative District – Alcoholic Beverages – Marketplace License)– This bill seeks to promote economic development in the Village of Cross Keys by granting the center a marketplace license. In short, this authorizes the license holder to sell beer, wine, and spirits from one or more establishments within the marketplace by the drink or by the bottle for on-premises consumption. Ideally, this streamlined regulatory process will encourage new restruaunts to open while still protecting the community's safety.
  • Senate Bill 691 (Juvenile Justice Reform)– After years of advocating for change in the juvenile justice system, this bill has finally passed! First, this bill bans the incarceration of youth for misdemeanor offenses. Second, it establishes a minimum age of juvenile court jurisdiction. And third, it sets developmentally appropriate time frames for probation.  This is a significant step toward protecting our children and ensuring that Maryland’s juvenile justice system focuses more on care and not cages.

In the News
I feel privileged to work on your behalf every day. It’s hard for me to boast about my accomplishments because I feel like the legislature is doing its best when we’re not noticed. I did not get involved in politics to boost my ego, but rather to serve and advocate for our community. However, I would like to share a few memorable moments from this session:

Daily Record Top 100 Women
I was recognized by the Daily Record in their “Top 100 Women” award, making it the second time I have received the award.

"This year's Maryland's Top 100 Women work hard, play hard and create better lives for their teams, their networks, and their families. They are inclusive change agents who are not afraid to face adversity and stand up for what they believe," said Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, senior group publisher of The Daily Record.

Making the Cover of the Baltimore Sun
In December 2021, the Baltimore Sun recognized the successful passage of my bill removing the Governor from the parole determination process with a story on the front cover.

"Sen. Jill P. Carter, left, defends SB 202, the bill to remove the governor’s ability to block parole, which was vetoed by Gov. Hogan, as Majority leader, Sen. Nancy J. King, listens. The Senate voted to override the veto, 31-16."

The Star Democrat
December 2021

"In Maryland, there are more than 30 charges that make juveniles automatically eligible for transfer to adult court. They include crimes that range from murder to handgun possession. From 2013 to 2020, about 7,800 juveniles were automatically charged as adults in Maryland, and about 80% of them were Black, according to state data. Only about 10% of the juveniles charged as adults were convicted."

“It doesn’t result in convictions in adult court, but what it does is deprive those children of the programs and opportunities that they need to become better people,” said state Sen. Jill Carter, a Baltimore Democrat who has sponsored reform legislation over the last decade and is sponsoring legislation in the upcoming Maryland session.

"Maryland is one of nine states that send more than 200 children to the adult system every year. Policies of automatic transfers of juveniles were driven by crime spikes in the 1990s, but since then a growing number of states have at least narrowed the charges that trigger the transfers."

Advocating for Abortion Access (Baltimore Sun)
April 2022

"Planned Parenthood of Maryland supporters, including State Sen. Jill Carter and Del. Nicole Williams, second and first from the right, hold signs at a rally at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022."

"The essential question raised by the Abortion Care Access Act, the controversial legislation enacted by the Maryland General Assembly last Saturday with House (90-46) and Senate (29-15) votes to override Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto, was this: Should abortions be performed by “qualified” health care providers who are not physicians?"

"Maryland’s broadening of abortion access was overdue. The legislation’s passage was largely fueled by the prospect of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling restricting abortion rights later this year — on top of the growing number of states that have rolled back women’s reproductive freedoms. "

Md. legislature enacts counsel requirement at child interrogations over Hogan’s veto (The Daily Record)
"Juveniles will have an unwaivable right to consult counsel before being interrogated by law enforcement except in compelling circumstances beginning Oct. 1 under a law the Maryland General Assembly enacted Saturday over Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto."

“On behalf of all of those children that have been harmed by the coercion and by the coerced confessions, I am happy that we are doing this veto override,” Carter, D-Baltimore city, told her colleagues on the Senate floor Saturday. “I thank you for doing this for the protection of our children and their constitutional rights.”

Activists Demand Approval of Environmental Equity Bills (The Washington Informer)
"Before the Senate approved the transit bill Friday sponsored by Sen. Jill Carter (D-Baltimore City), she encouraged supporters to not stop fighting. That bill and the others must be reviewed and approved in the opposite chamber before the 90-day legislative session ends on April 11."

“We have a beginning, but we have much further to go and we’re not going to stop until we have transit equity,” she said. “Let me end with my favorite line of the day: end transit apartheid.”

Recognized by Black Girls Vote
I was honored to be recognized as an honoree of Ladies & Politics

"Jill P. Carter has had a successful career championing for the marginalized and disenfranchised because it is in her DNA. Carter is the daughter of the late civil rights activist, leader, and visionary, Walter P. Carter. Carter was the third African-American female attorney elected to serve in the Maryland General Assembly as delegate for Baltimore City, Dist. 41. Former Delegate Carter, often referred to as “the legacy” embodies the spirit of her freedom fighter father. "
$$ Capital Projects in Our District $$
Your Top Priorities!
During the legislative session, hundreds of 41st district residents reached out to my office to give voice to their most significant legislative concerns. The graph below shows your shared legislative interests.
As shown in the above chart, many diverse concerns face our community. This session, my colleagues and I have worked to address these issues through comprehensive legislation. I was proud to co-sponsor the Climate Solutions Now Act to tackle climate change, which finally passed this session after years of debate. This bill establishes ambitious standards to limit greenhouse gas emissions, eventually resulting in net-zero emissions. I have sponsored this bill, and others, through a framework of environmental justice. It is well established that black and brown communities are disproportionately impacted by environmental degradation, increasing health concerns such as asthma and contaminated drinking water. I was excited to participate in the Catholic Conference’s environmental town hall to lend my support to their advocacy. During this, I said:
“It is the history of segregation and redlining which has created the conditions we have. To truly establish environmental justice, we must increase educational opportunities and give a voice to the most impacted communities.”
With attacks on a women’s right to choose in conservative states, you are rightfully cautious about ensuring that Maryland protects its principle of personal choice. I was proud to vote in favor of the Abortion Care Access Act, which will ensure that all women have autonomy over their bodies. I also participated in a rally with Planned Parenthood to raise my voice on this critical issue.

Community members are also concerned about public safety and criminal justice. Therefore, I have continued my efforts to adequately fund violence prevention and victim support initiatives in our city. I have also fought for reform and oversight of policing in our district and a more equitable juvenile justice system.  

You've also raised your voice to the disparaging impact of the War on Drugs on our community. As a result, the General Assembly was committed to passing legislation to legalize cannabis this session. I was proud to advocate for the placement of a Community Fund initiative in the final bill to ensure that profits go back to the people most impacted by its prohibition.

“In so many of our minority and low-income communities, these dispensaries are simply nonexistent under our current law,” Carter said at a March 3 legislative hearing. “And we’re just seeking ways to create greater opportunities for people that need them in those neighborhoods.”
Public education within our community is also of great concern. We as a legislature continue to pay close attention to funding quality education for all children of Maryland. I am committed to ensuring that the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (Kirwan Commission), as passed last session, is fully funded. Through this, we must also fight for transparency and accountability in our school board. This session, I introduced a bill to expand the voting powers of students sitting on the Board of Education, and appoint a commission to consider the benefits of an all-elected Board.
“I think students are in the best position to make decisions and give input into how [board decisions] affect students and how to improve the outcomes [of our schools].”
Thank you for your powerful voice and continued advocacy– you are what makes democracy work. Please continue to engage with my office about how we can continue to make improvements for the 41st district in the coming sessions. 
Democratic Accomplishments
Thank YOU!
As you’ve seen, this session has been full of trials and successes. I am immensely proud to represent our community and am excited to see how the investments our delegation has secured will improve our neighborhoods. Every day, I remember that the impact of our efforts far outweighs the sheer number of bills that we pass. This year, with your help, we have created a more just and equitable correctional system for our children, improved transparency in our schools, increased access to public transportation, and made our communities safer.

I look forward to visiting with you in the coming months.

My staff and I are committed to keeping our community safe, healthy, and informed. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We will do our very best to assist you as quickly as possible.

Office: (410) 841-3697

Voicemail/Text Message: (301) 323-8216

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