Bishop's Continuing Lenten Series:
"The Book of Job & the Nature of Suffering"
The Bishop’s study of the Book of Job continues today with Chapters 38 to 42; the LORD answers Job from the whirlwind. As the Book concludes, the problem of individual suffering is set in the context of the vastness of creation and the totality of the Divine. Next Wednesday during Holy Week, the Bishop will offer a reflection on suffering in relation to the story of Job and our faith in Jesus Christ. To view this week's video message, click on the image shown, or visit the Bishop's Study page on the Diocesan website HERE.
Lenten Reminders
Lent Madness is tightening up, and although our beloved Queen Emma didn't reach the "Elated Eight" round, continue learning a bit more of the Saints of The Episcopal Church each day during Lent. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorites on the Lent Madness website HERE.
CONHM Offers Weekly Lenten Video Reflection
The Diocese's Commission on Native Hawaiian Ministries (CONHM) continues its Lenten gospel reflections by our kanaka maoli clergy. Open yourself to hear a word or theme differently, and learn something about our host culture here in these islands. Videos for the coming Sunday's gospel lesson will be posted the Thursday before, on the CONHM webpage HERE and on the Diocese's Facebook page.
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