The Bright Future

Another year has come and gone and for most people it was grueling, but some of that intensity depends upon how invested you've been in the way things used to be. The truth is the way things used to be was rotten down below, even if it appeared to be working on the surface. The mixed blessing of our time in history is that the disruptions of the surface now resemble the rottenness below.

Instead of being faked out by smooth political lies, life is shaking as world structures are falling apart, and have become so unreal that only realness can be the antidote. As always love is the answer, but to put it to work that love has to become what you think, breathe, dream and make love to. If enough people get this we can turn this mess around, but that takes awakening from the thick corporate trance that has collective consciousness by the short hairs.

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~ Love Your Life Out ~
Mark Borax


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