Hello all,

This update covers a lot of information with a lot of attachments. Here's the breakdown:

First, today was the last day that state legislative bills had to clear their initial committee assignments (Appropriations & Rules Committees excepted) so it was an extremely busy week with a lot of updates regarding transportation legislation. The first attachment provides a summary of RTAC's legislative priorities and their current status at the state capitol. An updated transportation bill matrix and list of all the infrastructure one-time funding bills are also provided.

Second, the State Transportation Board met today and approved the use of $181.6 million in federal relief funding plus an additional $81 million from improved HURF revenue forecasts. An overview of the revenue sources and how the funding will be used is also attached.

Last, the U.S. DOT just released a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the next round of Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) grants. $889 million will be available this round. This grant program focuses on highway and freight projects of national and regional significance. At least 25% of the funding must be reserved for rural projects. Applications are due on March 19th. The NOFO is the last attachment.

Kevin Adam,
Legislative Liaison
Rural Transportation Advocacy Council