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STATE LEGISLATURE: Next Tuesday will mark the 100th day of session. Committee work has been completed as typically occurs this time of the year as the Legislature will now wrap up work on regular session bills and focus more on reaching a budget agreement. It is highly anticipated that the budget will include a substantial level of funding for infrastructure projects across the state. 31 bills were introduced to fund various projects. The list is attached. However, it's important to note that inclusion in the budget will ultimately be the deciding factor in what gets funded. In fact, activity on these bills has started to slow down as the Legislature is neared the drafting of a budget. Also, there is the possibility that projects could be included in the budget that were not the subject of an earlier bill. However, if a bill for a project was introduced and has successfully moved through a substantial part of the legislative process, that's a strong indicator that it will have support for budget inclusion.

FEDERAL GRANT OPPORTUNITY: At the federal level, the US Department of Transportation just announced the availability of $1 billion in competitive grant funding from the RAISE program, Rebuilding America's Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity. This program modifies what was previously know as BUILD under the Trump Administration and TIGER under President Obama.

Here are the links to the Notice of Funding Opportunity, further information on the US DOT website and details on future webinars:



MetroPlan Greater Flagstaff RFP: MetroPLan has announced a Request for Proposal seeking vendors to apply to work on the region's next 25-year Regional Transportation Plan. A memo with further information and links for submittal is attached:

Kevin Adam,
Legislative Liaison
Rural Transportation Advocacy Council