Hello all,

With the exception of Appropriations, the Legislature completed its committee hearings last week as the focus will now turn to wrapping up work on the remaining bills and the budget. No bills that would permanently increase transportation revenues have survived, yet the budget has tremendous potential for directing one-time funding to various transportation projects across the state. An updated transportation bill matrix and list of one-time funding bills are attached.

The budget will likely include many of those projects that have been the subject of these bills but expect some new projects to emerge as well. Leadership has indicated that they are setting aside $200 million for these one-time funding projects. With the anticipated sizable surplus and federal relief funding recently directed to the state, that number could expand considerably.

Speaking of federal funding, President Biden is expected to roll out the details of his Build Back Better proposal at a press conference tomorrow. Spending levels for the infrastructure portion are anticipated to be around $2 trillion. I will report on the details as soon as they are made available tomorrow.

Kevin Adam,
Legislative Liaison
Rural Transportation Advocacy Council