ReLeaf Michigan eNewsletter | January 2021
Happy New Year! Is It Spring Yet?
The year has only begun, and this year we are looking forward to the spring season for many reasons. Among them, because it's an ideal time to plant trees!

It's already looking like 2021 will be another banner year, with a record number of plantings. We are currently working on the many details required to ensure these plantings are successful, including of course finalizing locations. If your community needs trees, it's not too late to fill out a tree planting application! Simply click the button below to request trees planted in your area.
Free Webinar on Municipal Planting:
Establishing Trees Where People Are
February 23, 2021, 9:30AM - 11:00AM

Trees add aesthetic, economic, and environmental value to your community. Join us for this free webinar to learn how to properly select and plant trees for long-term success.

Hosted by Kay Sicheneder, chief consulting arborist for Owen Tree Service. Her presentation will cover how to successfully select, bid, and properly plant trees in your municipality to maximize the return on your investment.

**ISA and SAF credits approved**
Request a Presentation for Your Community

Could your community benefit from hearing from one of our tree experts?

See the list of potential topics or contact us to suggest a topic tailored to your community at the link below.

(Please note, while we are eager to see you in person and share our knowledge in a more hands-on way, at this point we are still planning online webinars.)
Help Michigan Grow in 2021
As we plan for the year, we are taking a close look at our budget and determining what is possible. Now is a great time to support ReLeaf Michigan.

A donation now makes a big difference in what we can do for Michigan communities in 2021! Thank you to everyone who generously supports our mission.
Introducing Municipal Memberships
ReLeaf Michigan Now Offering a New Opportunity for Municipalities
With the new Municipal Membership, residents receive the opportunity to engage directly with tree experts, access educational resources and better understand why trees are important to their community and a smart investment. For an annual fee, municipalities will receive:

  • "Ask an Arborist" Feature for Residents
  • Dedicated Webpage for Community
  • Educational Resources
  • Annual Presentation / Webinar
  • Tree City Application Assistance
  • Consultation Services Also Available

Contact Melinda Jones to learn more about this program.
Sponsor Spotlight: Priority Health
ReLeaf Michigan recently welcomed Priority Health as a new Canopy Champion sponsor.

As Michigan's fastest growing health plan, Priority Health's mission is to improve health, inspire hope and save lives. The company walks alongside more than 1 million members so they have what they need to be and stay healthy. Priority Health knows that when Michiganders have access to the best care, they can feel their best and live their best.

“The connection between mental, physical and environmental health is undeniable, which is why Priority Health is passionate about collaborating with like-minded organizations, such as ReLeaf Michigan, to improve the health of our state through tree planting and education,” said Praveen Thadani, president of Priority Health.

As part of their sponsorship, Priority Health is sponsoring the new "Healthy Trees Build Healthy Communities" section in each monthly eNewsletter, highlighting the connection between trees and health (see below).

In addition to their company sponsorship, employees pooled together donations at the end of the year for an additional donation to ReLeaf Michigan. Thank you Priority Health for all the support to help ReLeaf Michigan keep our state healthy and green with trees!

Healthy Trees Build Healthy Communities
Trees offer all of us incredible health benefits. Each month we highlight one way trees improve our health, sponsored by Priority Health.

Studies Show Trees Decrease Stress
Probably the most well-researched benefit of nature exposure is that it seems to help decrease our stress, rumination, and anxiety. And much of that research has been conducted in forests. In a recent study, participants reported benefits after spending just 15 minutes in a forest. Read more
The Big Tree Hunt Is On!
The statewide hunt for the biggest trees in Michigan is underway and open to everyone. Due to the circumstances of 2020, we've extended the deadline of the contest until the summer of 2022.

It's free to participate - just complete the entry form at to submit your tree. 

We recently resumed posting a "Big Tree of the Week" on Facebook. This popular feature highlights one amazing tree submission each week. Submit your tree today and you might be the Big Tree of the Week!

Looking for a Sponsor: We are currently looking for sponsors to support the costs of this popular family-friendly program. Contact our executive director Melinda Jones to learn how partnering with the Michigan Big Tree Hunt can create positive exposure for your organization.
Board Member Spotlight:
Steve Turner, Arboricultural Services
Steve first volunteered for ReLeaf Michigan as a project coordinator more than 15 years ago, and has served on the board for several years. The mission of ReLeaf Michigan immediately matched with Steve's beliefs.

"Planting trees and involving the community fits right in line with what I do," said Steve. "I like the volunteer aspect and educating the public on trees. The more trees we have in the ground, the better."

As the owner of Arboricultural Services, he is actively working throughout the state with communities, businesses and home owners to maintain and protect their trees and restore native habitats. For more than twenty years he has also written the Tree Tips column for Michigan Gardner, and he formerly taught as adjunct professor of arboriculture at Oakland Community College. Steve's business is driven by referrals, thanks to his years of strong relationships and work throughout the state.

"My life revolves around trees," said Steve. "I never know what the next big project will be, but I know it'll be about trees."

Thank you Steve Turner for being part of the ReLeaf Michigan team!
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