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Maximizing Student Financial Aid: Seven Tax Strategies
Avoid Passport Revocation: Pay Your Tax Debt
Cyber Security: How To Protect Your Business
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January 15
* Individuals - Make a payment of your estimated tax for 2019 if you didn't pay your income tax for the year through withholding (or didn't pay in enough tax that way). 

January 31 
* Individuals - If you didn't pay your last installment of estimated tax by January 15, you may choose (but aren't required) to file your income tax return (Form 1040) for 2019 by January 31.

* Businesses - Give your employees their copies of Form W-2 for 2019. If an employee agreed to receive Form W-2 electronically, have it posted on a website and notify the employee of the posting. 

January 2020

May 2020 treat us all well -- Happy New Year! Looking forward and looking back, we'd like to share some thoughts & helpful tips.
Maximizing Student Financial Aid: Seven Tax Strategies

Keeping AGI low can pay off in terms of qualifying for financial aid. Keep in mind, however, that colleges look at income reported two years before the start of the school year. > Ways to plan ahead

Passport revocation
Avoid Passport Revocation: Pay Your Tax Debt

Owing a sizable tax debt can place you on the State Department's radar. If you are or think you are in this situation, it's time for action. > Start here
Cyber Security: How To Protect Your Business

Marching orders for business owners: Secure the data! From password-protecting sensitive files, to educating employees, prevention is key. > What you can do
Data security
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