It’s Time to File Your 2020 Personal Income Tax Return
To assist you in gathering the information necessary to prepare your 2020 T1 personal income tax return, we have included a personal tax checklist. Please complete and return the checklist to our office along with your personal tax information.
Options to Deliver Your Tax Information

FileShare is a secure way to submit documents and files to our office. Documents are encrypted and there are no size restrictions on files. Simply click on the link, enter your name, a brief message and add files or drag and drop your files, then click upload.  

If you prefer using regular email, we encourage you to password protect your documents as an added precaution. Please call reception at 780.814.7474 with your chosen password.
In Person Drop Off

Reception will be available to receive your information between 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday. A mail slot is located at the bottom of our front door which you can use any time of day. 

Please mail to Suite 109, 9824 – 97 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7K2
COVID-19 Income and Deductions
COVID-19 Income, Support and Benefits Received

Due to the pandemic, many individuals received government support in a variety of forms. Please indicate on the enclosed checklist all income, support or benefits that you have received under Covid-19 relief programs. Please be aware that official tax slips may have been issued for some, but not all programs. For support that you received where no slip is available, provide us with the details of the amount and type of payment that you received.
Working from Home

If you were working from home during a portion of 2020 due to Covid-19, a deduction may be available. Please complete the Working from Home section of the checklist if you wish to claim a deduction on your 2020 personal tax return.
Sources Of Income
Missing Slips

It is important to note that you are responsible to report all of your tax slips (T4, T4A, T3, T5 etc.) when filing your personal income tax return. Through the Canada Revenue Agency slip matching program, an unreported slip may result in significant interest and penalties. If you have not received all of your 2020 tax slips, please provide details of any missing information. Also, if you receive any additional slips or amended slips after your T1 is filed, please submit the slips to our office so that we can amend your return before CRA reassesses for the missed or amended slip.
Online Activity

Please provide details of income for which no T-slips have been received. You should be aware that any income, including income earned from online activity (Kijiji, VRBO, Airbnb, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency transactions) may be required to be reported to CRA on your personal tax return. Please be aware CRA can obtain details of sales and transaction records from online businesses.  
Final T1 Tax Return Package
Once completed, you will receive your T1 personal tax return electronically by email. 

If you prefer to have a paper copy of your tax return, please indicate that at the top of the following checklist where it is highlighted in yellow.
A T183 efile authorization form, as well as any forms requiring your signature, will be included for your signature with your completed tax return. For your convenience, if you choose to receive your final T1 tax return package via email, forms can be signed electronically which are then automatically be sent to our office. There is no need to print, sign and send your completed forms. 
Once you have signed the T183 and required forms, we will efile your return with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  
The deadline to file your 2020 personal tax return is Friday, April 30, 2021.   
We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions, please contact our office.
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For any questions... give us a call. 
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