October Newsletter
´╗┐Fall is Here!
Dear Parents,

Wow! It's already October and the weather has been glorious! The children are having such a wonderful experience learning, playing, and being with friends. I hope you enjoyed our multi-part Back to School Night and feel better informed about school policies and also learned more about your child's lessons and routines in the classrooms.

So far, so good regarding the overall health of our children and teachers. I want to thank every member of our community for their dedication and vigilance in keeping us all safe. Please refer to our homepage Covid-19 response box for all necessary information about Return to School protocols. I am also happy to walk you through the necessary steps at anytime.

Thanks to everyone for submitting all the required forms. Please know that forms do expire and the office will send a reminder to you well ahead of time when any form is expiring. Please send a completed, updated form before the expiration date of the one we have on file. In addition, Dental/Oral Health forms are required for all children when they turn three years old. Please plan a visit to the dentist and then email your completed form as your child ages into this requirement. All required forms can be found on the website under the "For Our Parents" tab.

Note about Health Information: We keep all health information confidential and respect each child's privacy. Parents do not need to share health status with other parents in their class.

Last Bunny Needed!
We have just one remaining opening at CCPC. If you have a friend or neighbor looking for a 3 morning (MWF) in-person placement for an older 3 year old, please have them email me.

Did you know that our staff brings almost 250 years combined teaching experience
to our school? That's a lot of wisdom at work each day...

With a full heart,

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, October 12

Enjoy the day!
Extended Day Classes
Began this Week

We are pleased to be able to offer some limited afternoons by class cohort. If you are not signed up with your class, please inquiry about joining on a regular basis or dropping in occasionally.
From Vision to Reality...
Our Playground is Full of Joy!
We couldn't break a champagne bottle (or sparkling apple cider) over the gate - but we're open for all kinds of fun!

Two years in the making, this ambitious project is now overflowing with laughter and play. Thanks for everyone who generously contributed and for your patience as we worked through the pandemic to finish the project. Play houses, bike garage, and arbor entryway still under construction!
Looking ahead to the cold weather...
Photos from outdoor schools in New York City during the Spanish Flu in 1918
brought to mind our coming winter. We intend to stay outdoors as much as possible through all seasons. Please shop ahead for snow pants and snow boots and help your child feel most comfortable outside on the playground
and in our tented class spaces.
Join Us!
We have a closed group of CCPC parents and community for our Instagram account. Just ask to follow us at:


and you will be confirmed and admitted to the group. It's a great way to "peek in the windows" -- especially this year!
Attention Amazon shoppers! It's so easy to support your school through your Amazon account. Just login through Amazon Smile and follow the prompts to choose your charity. All proceeds will directly benefit the school which is under the umbrella of our church.

"Chevy Chase
Presbyterian Church"