March 2020 --- Volume 58, Issue 3
In the Spirit of CRAB - Photo from CRAB 37
By John Lanting

This year's event will be as exciting as always! We will be back at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. We will have a welcome party and registration on Friday night at the Museum with Tacos and Funkhana just outside. The museum walking tour will again be available through the weekend, be sure to pick up your tour "quiz" at registration.

Saturday is your choice of Autocross at the Stockton Fairgrounds or a driving tour of the beautiful foothills with four tour groups. After the Autocross and Driving Tour, the CRAB dinner will be the highlight of the day! You can choose between crab, tri-tip, or Portobello (vegetarian) dishes. Please make you choice during registration.

Sunday will feature a Rallye and Concours (you may join both). During the Concours check out our vendor booths and join us for the Beer and Brat luncheon.

If you plan to come from out of town we have made arrangements for a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn/South Natomas 2540 Venture Oaks Way, Sacramento, CA 95833 (less than 10 minutes from the Museum). The room rate is $129.00 a night. Call 916.568.5400 and be sure to mention "Porsche Club of America". Or follow this link to book online: CRAB Hotel Reservations

For the Rallye two people are required to attend. A driver and navigator. If you are not sure of who will be your navigator, please indicate "TBD" during registration.

It is a multiple step process to completely check out as you need to select the events, dinner etc. via drop down menus.

Editor Note Scroll down for more CRAB information.
Please note that CRAB is Fueled by Volunteers!
While signing up for CRAB 38 please check the volunteer box and donate an hour or two during the event to help this be a successful one. Any and all help is much appreciated!
Contact Kelley Murphy for more info. 916-539-8162 or email at
CRAB 38 - Driving Tour
by Rob Lee
photos Jeff Kinder

One of the many highlights of CRAB will be the driving tour. This year it will be a very fun and varied drive in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Your tour committee has spent many hours and miles selecting a great route for this year’s 90-mile romp through the beautiful Sierra Nevada back roads. 

A great deal of thought went into this year’s driving plan to ensure the drive would appeal to all levels of drivers and car types. It will also get you started at a reasonable time and end at a lovely place for a great lunch. At the end of lunch, you will have several hours to return home and prepare for the Saturday Night bash and Crab dinner at the California Automobile Museum in downtown Sacramento.

Saturday morning, May 30, 2020 we will start at 8:30 a.m. (for the first group) with a total of anywhere between 50 and 80 Porsche cars and their driving crews assembling at the Folsom Village parking lot (Oak Parkway and American River Canyon) in driving groups of 10 vehicles each with start times spaced 15 minutes apart. Each group will have a separate arrival time, parking area, briefing time, and departure time. Be on time or you may find yourself in in a different driving group. Timing is everything and yes there is a Starbucks with two bathrooms near the briefing area. At check-in, driving crew’s waivers will be checked, the safety briefing will be presented, and driving packets with maps will be distributed.
Please come with your Porsche fueled and be prepared to depart on your assigned times. The tour route is 90 miles long and will take the average group about two hours and forty-five minutes to drive. It has two bathroom stops programed, one early (about 45 minutes out) and one at the two-hour mark. 

You will arrive at the beautifully appointed Red Hawk Casino located at Exit 40 on Highway 50 where you will be directed to a special (and protected parking lot) in the rear of the casino. A shuttle bus will take you to the Waterfall Buffet for a wonderful lunch of your choice for $18.99 per person (pay as you go). The tour ends here, and you are free to eat and leave or eat and tour the casino: your choice. The buffet closes at 2:00 p.m. so don’t be late: the last driving group should arrive no later than 1:15 p.m. If you miss your time, there is a Burger place and coffee shop in the casino that remains open for food.

If you have never led a driving group this is the time to see how easy it is to be the leader (the Hammer) or last vehicle in the group (the Broom AKA Sweep). Each job has responsibilities to the driving group, but it is not difficult. Please volunteer for one of the positions when you sign up on Eventbrite. In fact, why not form your own ten-car driving group and sign up together? Pick a briefing/start time and come prepared to have on fun on one the most scenic and varied drives in the Serra Nevada foothills.

If you have questions, call me: Rob Lee at cell: 703 304-1109.
President's Message
Steve Barker
Photo Steve Barker

Greetings to all members of the Sacramento Valley Region PCA!
How are we doing?
I thought my message this month would be to reach out and ask your feedback on how SVR is meeting your expectations. 

Based on the results of the Planning Meeting in January there are now 84 various events listed on the club calendar. Leading off, there is a monthly Breakfast at Brookfield’s by Jerry Alter, a wide variety of Day Tours that our Tour Chair, Liz Houser has coordinated, 6 Multi-Day events by Jim McMahen, Rik Larson and Liz, including CRAB 38 organized by John Lanting and John Hawk, another great AX season at both Stockton and Thunder Hill tracks, including the AX School that John Leet has scheduled, New Member activities hosted by our Membership Director Rebecca Plourde and our New Member Chair Sue Sanders, as well as a number of Dinners listed with the help of Rob and Julie Lee, Gary and Alma Thompson, Ed and Terri Para, Reed and Cyndi Schulze, Ernie and Wendy Bulhoes

With all that going on there are still more things to keep you coming back!
There is a ‘Detailing Your Porsche Day’ Skip Quain has set up with Detail Maniac, and a ‘Drive Your Porsche Day’ that Kim Nelson has organized. Other events include attending a baseball game with the River Cats by Mardi Quain, the annual Pocket Parade by Robert Hrabak, a Rally School by Richard Wetzel, a Barn Party put on by Christy Barden. Don’t forget Concours by Al Price III and Parade 2020 this year will be in Southern California. All these events lead up to the annual Christmas Tree Decorating Party at CAM by Kim Nelson and the SVR Christmas Party already in the planning stages by Liz Houser and Mardi Quain and their team that will add the finishing touches to a jam packed, fun year!

All these activities would not be possible without those names I’ve listed and those that support them behind the scenes to bring it all together for your enjoyment! To put all this into perspective you have a dedicated group of Board members that takes care of organizing the calendar, providing insurance, establishing a budget and tracking expenses, writing and publishing minutes, creating flyers, maintaining a Website, a Newsletter, Eventbrite, Club Bylaws and Procedures and keeping track of our membership.  Our Advertising Managers, Dick Murphy and Mike Dunn, are out on the road working with our Sponsors that add such a great value to our events in all they bring to the table thru their financial support, contributions and use of their facilities.

So, how are we doing?
If there is something that you would like to see added drop me a line or mention it to any board member. We’re all here to make our club a fun place to be a member of, meet others and enjoy our cars, and SUV’s! We need your help to tell us how we are doing!

Happy Driving!

From The Editor - Mike Willis

This month is the third month of the new Drifter, for me it is a lot easier to "put" this together as with no more real pages and just scrolling it is possible to insert and change information fairly easily.

In this issue are two CRAB information articles and also a link to CRAB Registration.

Since there is no table of contents I try to arrange the Drifter with the events in order of their happening so at the "top" will be the newest events and then further on the later ones in month order.

Continuing from the previous drifters are the Membership Reports, Calendar, and Board Minutes.

NOTE if you plan to autox with other regions this year, there are some problems with getting access the sites that were used last year so be aware that the "Location and Date may change. Stay tuned".

Thanks for your support with this and your suggestions.
Bill Fargo, Photography & Flyers
Dick Murphy, Advertising
Ed Parra, Reporter
Skip Quain, Contributor
Rik Larson, Proof Reader/Tickler
The seminar above on being a Host for dinners, tours and events to take a look "behind the garage" and hear the tips and stories to achieve being a successful club member Host. 

This is a fun casual setting with lots of interaction between members sharing their experiences of hosting. Included will be ideas on selecting a venue, tour route or activity, an Eventbrite demonstration with tips on the calendar ad, how to develop a budget, the forms needed to do an event, how to have a flyer developed, deadlines for insurance and Drifter advertising. And much more!.
Sign up by clicking on the ad above. March 12 2020 is signup deadline.
Mardi Quain - Social Director
text or call 650.504.4866
PDK (Pretty Darn Kwik)
Rik Larson, SVR Member

Went on a great day tour hosted by Liz Houser to Calistoga and winding up for lunch at Cache Creek Casino and a visit to Capay Valley Vineyards. I was able to sit in the passenger seat of Mike Willis' car. I was able to see so much more of the scenery as compared to when I drive. And we went on some roads that I had not seen in more than 20 years. Great time……. you need to sign up for one of the day tours. Last I heard was that the tour to Lincoln for pizza on March 8th was still open.
CRAB 38 registration is open. The headquarters is the California Automobile Museum. And check out their exhibit on REEL Cars in the Movies …………subtitled 'the importance of cars in filmmaking.' You can bet that there will be some questions on the quiz from this special exhibit. Editor comment "absolutely".
Formula e results from the Marrakesh race on February 29th ------ Porsche driver Andre Lotterer finished 8th (after starting 3rd on the grid) with Neel Jani finishing 18th (out of 24 cars). Next race is in Rome on April 4th. Remember these races are only 45 minutes long (plus 1 lap).
We lose an hour (as in spring forward) on Sunday, March 8th for the switch to Daylight Saving Time.
SVR AX School has 5 openings left according to John Leet.
The SVR AX (and Zone 7 points) event on April 5th is accepting signups now!!
There will be thirty-nine 914s judged at the Werks Reunion on March 7th at Amelia Island. Chairperson Tom Provasi reports that this is the most cars ever in a featured category to be judged. Will the Werks Reunion at Monterey in August have more? This is the 50th anniversary (or is it the 51st anniversary?) of the 914.
The Zone 7 Concours Judging School on March 15th is sold out.
The Pacific Grove Tour has one room left at the Pacific Gardens Inn. You can also stay elsewhere. Contact Jim McMahen at
Phase 2 of the Porsche Parade Registration opens on March 31st. Check out the 'Registration Guide' (the 2020 version should be available around March 27th) . You can see the 2019 version of the guide on the Parade website at    (check out the 'More' label and go to the Past Parades item). The guide contains all the details about events, meals, tours, etc. for the Porsche Parade in Palm Springs in June.
The Palm Springs Parade has more than 900 cars already signed up. This compares very well with the 2017 Spokane Parade that had 1000 cars (a record).
SVR Rally Chair, Richard Wetzel, is putting together a rally school and rally on April 19th at Porsche Fremont. This will be a great training experience for the CRAB 38 rally and also the Porsche Parade TSD Rally. See the flyer elsewhere in this DRIFTER.
Got a BIG PATCH of APSHALT? Seems that the AX site at Marina (Monterey) is no longer available (used by Loma Prieta Region and Golden Gate Region). And the Alameda site used by Golden Gate Region is also in jeopardy. Stay tuned.
Another PCA car raffle? Expect to see it announced soon.
Save the date --- Saturday, May 7, 2022. That is the 60th anniversary of Sacramento Valley Region.
Our Thoughts
By Bill Fargo, Webmaster

The CRAB is back 
After a hiatus of a year, CRAB is back. I’m not sure that one year absence really gives it hiatus status but it fits the introduction. We return to the California Automobile Museum for CRAB 38. If you attended CRAB 37, hopefully you spent some time to wander through the museum. Maybe you’re like me and spotted one of the first cars I owned, a 59 Triumph TR3. The museum’s model was green while mine was black. Could one of yours be lurking somewhere in the halls. Maybe a car belonging to a neighbor growing up.
Hopefully you’ve noticed that since the Drifter has gone on line, the website, Drifter and the Blast are much more coordinated. Over the last couple of years SVR has encouraged electronic registration for our events using Eventbrite. I’ve found this to be much easier than sending a check though the mail, then wondering if it got there on time, sent to the right address or made out to the correct institution. What do you think? Many of the flyers in the Drifter point to the website for more information. Some will have a link directly to Eventbrite.
Something else you may notice is we have pushed more information to the website, including informational forms, as well as forms to help you plan an event with SVR. Soon I will have an online form that can be filled out and submitted right on the website. Don’t forget to contact our Social Chair, Mardi to learn more about hosting an event. We welcome experienced and novice hosts. Speaking of experienced hosts, Parade comes back to California this year. Follow the links for our site or go directly to
Until next time, 
The Webmaster
SVR Day Tour February 29th
by Liz Houser
photos Kelley Murphy & Mike Willis
Since February gave us an extra day this year, what better way to spend it than driving our Porsches! The group of 17 cars met at the Ikea Parking lot to begin their trek twisting around Lake Berryessa then onto Napa Valley’s Silverado trail. The hills were dressed in their best “green spring” colors, while bright purple blooms spotted our drive, making it hard to believe it’s only February. The colorful Porsche “snake” was a nice addition to this symphony of colors and sounds. 
A sumptuous buffet lunch was enjoyed at Cache Creek Casino overlooking beautiful Capay Valley. Followed by wine tasting at the Capay Valley Vineyards, where the owner Tom regaled us with stories of his days in Can-Am and F1 racing. While his lovely wife Pam, pour wonderful Viognier and Tempranillo’s both still and sparkling. It was so nice to sit out in the shade in the middle of the vineyard, surrounded by our Porsches, enjoying great weather and even better company. 
These day tours are a nice way to get out, enjoy the scenery, visit with fellow Porsche enthusiasts, have a nice meal and sip some wine. It’s great to see so many new members and first time Tour drivers join the fun. There’s still a couple spots in the March 8 th drive, sign up and join us. A good time is had by all!
photos by Richard Wetzel
With the popularity of the first SVR Board of Directors Tour to Smith Flat House last July a follow up is ready for a second visit! This will be a dinner out on the patio in the Glass House. It has heat in the event it gets cool and Mason will be offering us some great dinner choices from local sources from which our guests can order from his menu.

Placerville is a short drive up the hill and the restaurant is just off Highway 50. 

As we did on our first visit let’s once again feature a car show to begin the night! I’ll be looking for our new board members to provide the judging and of course the rules will not be announced until the event.
Cost to register is free.

Cost of the dinner is based on individual ordering from the menu.
Visit Smith Flat House virtually here:

Steve Barker
The SVR autocross team has been busy in the off season solidifying the calendar and getting prepped for a strong 2020. This year, we will be holding more of our events at Thunderhill. The surface at Thunderhill is outstanding, and while it might be a bit further for some, participants have agreed that it is well worth the drive!
The season kicks off with our annual autocross school, which is a 2 day event with the classroom session held at Niello Porsche on Saturday 3/28. The driving portion of the school is held the following Saturday on 4/4 at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows.
Immediately following on Sunday 4/5 will be our first autocross at Thunderhill, which will be a Zone Event . Instructors who assist with our driving school will have the opportunity to get some time on the surface on Saturday in preparation for the autocross on Sunday. And for students, this will be a great opportunity to put your new skills into practice.
For those attending the school, and who wish to participate in the autocross on Sunday, you will need to register separately for each event.
We will be organizing a dinner the evening of 4/4 in Willows for anyone who would like to attend. Please book your hotel in Willows soon, as they can fill up. When booking, it is best to contact the hotel directly to let them know you are participating in our event and ask for the Thunderhill rate. Most all of them offer track rates.
Here is the full 2020 SVR Schedule :
Autocross School: 3/28 (classroom) @ Niello Porsche
Autocross School: 4/4 (driving) @ Thunderhill
AX1: 4/5 @ Thunderhill (zone event)
AX2: 5/2 @ Thunderhill
AX3: 5/30 @ San Joaquin Fairgrounds, Stockton
AX4: 7/11 @ Stockton
AX5: 8/8 @ Stockton
AX6: 9/12 @ Thunderhill
AX7: 10/10 @ Thunderhill (2-day zone event with 10/11 hosted by Redwood Region)
For those of you looking to compete in the Zone 7 series, the April 5th event will be a great opportunity to get some course time and points.
We look forward to a great year of autocross! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions by email at or by replying to this email.
John Leet
SVR Autocross Chair
In just a short amount of time we will be leaving on the Pacific Grove Tour 2020. Have you marked your calendar? The dates are April 3, 4 and 5.

There’s always plenty of things to see and to do once we arrive, including the Pacific Grove “Good Old Days” street fair event. It’s a tour of great Porsche roads, great food and great people.

All of the rooms at the Pacific Gardens Inn (831-646-9414) are available for tour participants. When you make your reservations, please ask to speak to Robert and tell him you are with the Sacramento Valley Porsche Club.
Note: If you wait too long to make your reservations and all of the rooms at the Inn are reserved there are many other motels close by. (editor note, 1 room still available)
In order to receive tour updates, once you have made your reservations, please email your name and phone number to me so that I can add you to the participant list.

Jim McMahen
Click the ad above to register for this event
What is CRAB?
By Collin Fat
Photos by Kirk Bradford and Collin Fat
So what is this multi-day, multi-region event we call CRAB? Let’s start off with an explanation of the acronym in the word “CRAB”. The letter “C” stand for crab feed, the letter “R” stands for Rallye, the letter “A” stands for Autocross and the letter “B” stands for the German word “Begegnen” which stands for a gathering or meeting. If you don’t get it, let’s just say it’s a weekend to celebrate all things Porsche. It’s a chance to socialize with like- minded fans of the Porsche brand. It is also a wonderful way for new members to get immersed in the fun and social aspects of the club…….. all in one weekend.

In addition to the events described above, CRAB also includes a tour of some of the best back roads in our region, concours, rallye, and a beer and brat on the final day of the event. The event has attracted well over 200 PCA members at each CRAB which has been held since 1972, when a small group of SVR members, Rich Farlinger , Jim Karver , Ray Johansen, and Phillip Marks conceived the concept which was held at El Macero Country Club in Davis . To date, the club has hosted 37 CRABS and has gained a regional and Zone 7 reputation for being one of the most anticipated multi-region, multi-day events in Northern California.

CRAB starts the weekend with a casual welcome party to be held this year at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. On Saturday, the event includes an autocross, a tour, a funkhana, and the grand crab feed featuring all you can eat fresh Dungeness crab. On Sunday, there will be a rally, concours, and the beer and brat barbecue along with awards ceremony.  
One of the highlights for all new members would be the opportunity to hang with more than 200 SVR members in a gathering of well over 100 Porsches including classic 356’s, early 911’s, mid-seventies air cooled models and finally to all of the water pumpers produced from 1999 to today. Imagine a tour of over 60 cars heading down some of our back country roads! Over the last 45 years since CRAB’s have been held, the event has not always been held in consecutive years. There have been CRABs every year from 1972 to 1999, with no CRAB in 2000, 2005, 2009, 2010 and between 2012 through 2015, a period of 7 years. After hearing the pleas from membership and club’s in other Zone 7 regions to plan another CRAB, it was not until 2016 that CRAB 36 was held at Eagles Nest Airport in Ione, and what a huge success this event was!

CRAB 38 is being chaired by John Lanting and John Hawk with the assistance of a committee of over 12 dedicated volunteers. The event will be held from May 29 th -31 st . It is never too late to get involved in the planning so if you have an interest, send either John an email. Their email addresses are published on our website. It is a monumental effort to put on a CRAB so the more help they can get with the planning and staffing of the event over the 3 day weekend, the more successful the event will be. Volunteering is a great way for new members to get a chance to contribute and get to know other members.

Below are some photos of past CRABs captured by Drifter reporter Kirk Bradford.
List of CRABs past and members who chaired each event:
CRAB 1 - March 4-5, 1972 (Rich Farlinger, Jim Karver, & Ray Johansen, chairs)
CRAB 2 - March 3-4, 1973 (Larry Wilson & Bob Becker, chairs)
CRAB 3 - March 29-31, 1974 (Ray Seamans, chair)
CRAB 4 - April 4-6, 1975 (Dave & Chrissie Neukom, chairs)
CRAB 5 - April 23-25, 1976 (Dave & Chrissie Neukom, chairs)
CRAB 6 - April 15-17, 1977 (John & Candy Wong, chairs)
CRAB 7 - April 7-9, 1978 (Ted & Diane Colbert, chairs)
CRAB 8 - April 19-22, 1979 (Mike & Vicki Willis, chairs)
CRAB 9 - April 11-13, 1980 (Pat & Larry Wilson, chairs)
CRAB 10 - April 24-26, 1981 (Ray & Sara Clements, chairs)
CRAB 11 - April 16-18, 1982 (Kirk Bradford, chair)
CRAB 12 - April 22-24, 1983 (Trische Robertson, chair)
CRAB 13 - April 27-29, 1984 (Steve & Lori Campbell, chairs)
CRAB 14 - April 26-28, 1985 (Mike & Vicki Willis, chairs)
CRAB 15 - April 25-27, 1986 (Dwight & Linda Mitchell, chairs)
CRAB 16 - May 1-3, 1987 (Dwight & Linda Mitchell, chairs)
CRAB 17 - April 29-May 1, 1988 (Kern & Cindi Breaux, chairs)
CRAB 18 - April 21-23, 1989 (Stan Breyfogle, chair)
CRAB 19 - April 27-29, 1990 (Kern & Cindi Breaux, chairs)
CRAB 20 - April 12-14, 1991 (Greg & Cyndee Peart, chairs)
CRAB 21 - April 24-26, 1992 (Sally & Ron Boeck, chairs)
CRAB 22 - April 8-10, 1994 (Shelagh Mackay, chair)
CRAB 23 - April 21-23, 1995 (Susan & Tim Fleming, chairs)
CRAB 24 - April 12-14, 1996 (Susan & Tim Fleming, chairs)
CRAB 25 - April 25-27, 1997 (Mike, Vicki & Michelle Willis, chairs)
CRAB 26 - April 24-26, 1998 (Dan & Deb Catherwood, chairs)
CRAB 27 - April 30-May 2, 1999 (Mike & Sue Ambrozewicz, chairs)
No CRAB in 2000
CRAB 28 - April 27-29, 2001 (Susan & Tim Fleming, chairs)
CRAB 29 - April 26-28, 2002 (Mike & Emily Willis, chairs)
CRAB 30 - April 25-27, 2003 (Dwight & Linda Mitchell, chairs)
CRAB 31 - April 23-25, 2004 (Kern & Cindi Breaux, chairs)
No CRAB in 2005
CRAB 32 - April 7-9, 2006 (Kim Kinder & Kim Nelson, chairs)
CRAB 33 - April 20-22, 2007 (Buzz & Julia Lynn, chairs)
CRAB 34 - April 18-20, 2008 (Mark Judish, chair)
No CRAB in 2009 and 2010
CRAB 35 - April 29-May 1, 2011 (Jim & Linda McMahen, chairs)
No CRAB in 2012 thru 2015
CRAB 36 - May 13-15, 2016 (Steve & Rita Barker & Kim & Rachel Nelson , chairs)
CRAB 37 – May 18-20, 2018 (Bob Lozito and Collin Fat, Chairs)
Sample CRAB 38 Schedule of Events
Friday, May 29, 2020
Registration and Welcome Party at California Automobile Museum (CAM)
•      5:00 pm to 9:00 pm- Registration opens 
•      5:30 pm to 7:00 pm- Goodie Store open
•      5:30 pm to 8:00 PM- Funkhana
•      5:30 pm to 8:00 pm- Sign up for Rally time out
•      Food and drinks will be served
•      5:00 pm to 7:00 pm- Concours, tour, and autocross personnel available for
•      7:00 pm to 9:00 pm- Music questions 
Saturday, May 30, 2020
Late Registration
•      7:30 am to 9:00 am
•      11:00 am to 12;00 pm
•      7:30 am to 3;00 PM- San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, Stockton
Driving Tour – TBA
•      8:00 am to 11:00 am CRAB 38 Banquet
•      5:30 pm to 11:00 pm-California Automobile Museum
Sunday, May 31, 2020
•      8:00 am to 11:30 am- Walking Tour TBA
•      8:00 am to 12:00 pm- TSD Rallye
•      10:00 am to 1:30 pm- Concours de CRAB
•      1:00 pm to 3:00 pm- Beer & Brat
•      3:00 pm- CRAB awards presentation

Weaverville tour
 by Liz Houser
photo Liz Houser

Join us for a fun-filled, old fashioned July 4 th weekend in the beautiful Trinity Alps. This 3-day tour will leave Rocklin on July 3 rd, and take the “scenic” route to Granzella’s for lunch. Then we’ll be heading out the curviest road in California, Hwy. 36 on our way to Weaverville, via Hayfork. We will spend July 3 rd - 5 th at the Weaverville Victorian Inn (call 530-623-4432 to book a room from the Houser Room Block). 
We will receive a small-town welcome to Weaverville’s annual July 4 th festivities, including a rodeo, parade, and various charity meal functions. Tour price of $140 per person includes:
·         Lunch & dinner on Friday
·         Pancake breakfast plus a ice cream/pie social after the parade on Saturday
·         Lyons Club BBQ dinner on Saturday
·         Admissions to rodeo & bull riding on Saturday night with a dance to follow
·         Continental breakfast at hotel on Sunday
·         Hospitality room snacks (please BYOB)
We will be participating in the bell ringing ceremony in town center, so please bring a bell that means something special to you. The folks in the town started the bell ringing ceremony in 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial and thought it was such a great idea, they just kept the tradition going. My friend’s grandpa, Leonard Morris served as the master of ceremonies for the bell ringing ceremony from 1976-1999, the torch was then passed to her brother, Scott Morris, who will lead us in this year’s ceremony. 
We will also be driving our cars in the parade. So put on your Red, White & Blue and decorate your Porsche too!
Signup on Eventbrite at or mail you check payable to PCA-SVR to Liz Houser at 3103 Stardust St., Rocklin, CA. 95677.
Porsche Parade registration opened on January 28th. This is known as Phase I and allows you to register for the Parade and then also obtain access to the reservation system for the resort and at the prices negotiated by PCA..
The second phase registration occurs at the end of March and is for signing up for the banquets and events (competitive, tours, social, etc.).
The various room descriptions are at the Parade website which is:

Please read this post for important information on registration.
Phase I Registration will open January 28 at 12 Noon EST. Please read the Phase I information section of our website:
Housing reservations for La Quinta Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort be made through the Porsche Parade Housing Bureau once you have registered for Parade. If you book through the hotel directly, you will not receive the Porsche Parade room rate. Once you receive your confirmation email with your passkey number, rest assured, you have a room. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY. If you have any questions regarding your room reservation, please call or email the Porsche Parade Housing Bureau at 877-484-8984 or For information on room types, please visit our website:

The Parade Schedule has been posted on our website!
The Parade Kids Schedule can be found at:

When it's time to register, click this link: Remember, you will not be able to register until 12 Noon EST on January 28!

If you have any questions, please message us!
NOTE for the autocrosses at Marina and Alameda the "Location and Date may change. Stay tuned"

In The Zone
By: Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative
Sacramento Valley Region
March 2020
PCA National Staff Meeting:
One of my responsibilities as your Zone Rep is to attend the annual national staff meeting and the board of directors meeting at Parade each year. This year the National staff meeting was held in Dallas with the executive council, national staff and all national committee chairs in attendance. As a Zone Rep we get the latest updates from all the national chairs on issues related to club racing, social media best practices, policies and procedures as they relate to your club’s bylaws, updates on the 2020 Region Procedures Manual, issues related to safety procedures, Parade, Treffen, membership growth, the financial state of the club, and the general direction the executive council is planning on taking the club. Following is my report to you, the members of Zone 7.

Financial Conditions and Membership Growth:
The club continues to be in a strong financial condition and plans on reinvesting funds in the year by continuing the quarterly region subsidies. You need to remember that the region subsidies are only made possible if the club reaches certain thresholds as established by the club’s annual budget. Region subsidies can vary year to year. PCA continues to be the only car club in the United States that has grown over the past year while other clubs like SCCA, BMW, and Mercedes have either remained flat or have shown a decline in membership. For 2019, PCA allocated about $90,000 to promoting and marketing membership to owners of Porsche automobiles and the return on investment has been substantial with membership growth near 3 percent. The leadership of the club continues to focus its efforts on growing its membership while increasing its support at the regional level. The overall health of the club is in good shape.

Social Media:
Most clubs have a social media chair that handles its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram postings. However, having a presence on social media comes with some responsibilities and risks. National Social Media chair, Maggie Goodman, reminded all Zone reps of some of the pitfalls and issues related to postings on social media that surprised me. She reported an incident where a member posted a photo of a member taking a selfie of himself while clearly crossing the double line on what appeared to be a twisty back road and also several incidents regarding inappropriate content not in keeping with PCA guidelines. There were no issues cited for the regions in Zone 7. Good job managing your social media. However, Maggie did point out that some of the inappropriate content was posted from regions that have a Facebook group format versus a Facebook page format. With the group format, non-members from outside the club can post which can result in issues while the page format is preferred.

West Coast Race Series:
For 2020, PCA club racing is thriving while on the West Coast, our series has fewer club races scheduled than in 2019. Most of the club racing on the West Coast has occurred between Zone 7 and Zone 8 with both Zones hosting 5-7 events in 2019. For 2020, Zone 8 is only hosting one event; The Festival of Speed. Zone 7 has scheduled 7 events for 2020. National club race chair, West Dillard, reported that club racing has experienced modest growth over the past year but that competition for track events across the nation has increased with other car clubs and organizations competing for drivers.

Parade and Treffen:
Porsche Parade Palm Springs opened registration for phase 1 recently and so far 865 members have registered. This compares favorably with registration at this point in time with Parade Spokane which had similar numbers. There was an apparent glitch with the room block held for Parade resulting in some members being put on a wait list even though plenty of rooms were available. Parade chair, Ron Gordon, reported that rooms are available and should be when phase 2 registration opens on March 31 st. If you are considering attending Parade this year, I highly recommend that you register for your room now. I think many members have been thinking that a Parade held in June in the California desert would have low attendance, but I think so far that registration has shown that Parade again will be a huge success regardless of the weather.

Harry Season, Treffen national chair, reports that Treffen Broadmoor sold out in about 18 minutes. Congratulations to the 26 members in Zone 7 who were lucky enough to be able to sign up. There is a waiting list in effect for the event so if you have a desire to attend, get yourself on the wait list. Treffen Greenbrier registration will open shortly after Treffen Broadmoor and again is expected to sell out. For members wondering why PCA has limited attendance to a Treffen to 150 cars, the answer is the desire to keep the event small and deliver and high quality experience that is different from Parade.
PCA Region Subsidy Increase:
Effective January 1, 2020, PCA has increased all region subsidies by some 40 percent. The following region subsidies are now in effect:
Events of Interest: 
CRAB 38 will be hosted by Sacramento Valley Region, May 29-31. Registration for this event is now open at:

Shasta Region will host the Zone 7 Tour again on June 11 -15. Porsche Parade 2020 will be held from June 21 – 27 th at the La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, CA. with phase one registration now open and phase 2 registration opening on March 31 st. This is the phase where you register for tours, banquets, and the competition events. The tours have been extremely popular and generally sell out.

Sierra Nevada Region will host the Mammoth Tour July 25-26. Treffen 2020 to be held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs from April 29 th to May 3 rd is sold out with a waiting list in effect.

Registration for the fall Treffen at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia from September 16-20 th will open shortly after Treffen Broadmoor so for those of you who may have an interest in attending watch your emails for a notice. For more information on registration, go to Remember that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their growing popularity!
Events and Dates of Interest:
  • Monday, March 9th - registration closes for Zone 7 Concours Judging School. Limited to 60 people.
  • Monday, March 23rd - registration closes for LPR 50th Anniversary Gala.    
  • Tuesday, March 31st - registration for Phase 2 of the Porsche Parade opens.
1)      Spring Treffen at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs; April 29-May 2;
SOLD OUT - wait list in effect
2)      Loma Prieta Region 50th Anniversary; March 28; register at MotorsportReg with keyword search of 'LPR'
3)      CRAB 38 hosted by Sacramento Valley Region; May 29-31;
4)      Zone 7 Tour by Shasta Region; June 11-15; SOLD OUT - wait list in effect
5)      Porsche Parade at the La Quinta Resort in La Quinta; June 21-27;
Phase 1 registration is OPEN;
6)      Mammoth Tour by Sierra Nevada Region; July 24-26;
7)      Werks Reunion in Monterey; August 14, featuring the Porsche 914;
8)      Fall Treffen at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia; September 16-19;
Note that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their growing popularity.

The Porsche Parade has a two phase registration process. Phase 1 is for Parade registration and accommodations. Phase 2 will be for registration for events and banquets. The second phase registration will occur on March 31st.
"The above zone Autocross has been cancelled".
Golden Gate and Loma Prieta regions are having site problems this year for their autox events. Be sure to check and verify the dates with them.
Rebecca Plourde, Membership Director
SVR Member Anniversary February 2020
Since we use e-mail for most of our communications, it is necessary to keep our e-mail address current with SVR and PCA. To update your information, go to and login. You can then make any updates (address, car, e-mail etc.). Also, even though we receive the information from PCA monthly, you can send the same updates to: . New Member badges will now come with a removable colored sticker to encourage introductions at club events. They can be removed at any time. Welcome to the Sacramento Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America. 
SVR - PCA Member Services
How do you join the Porsche Club? Go to: -This is an online system that will request a credit card for payment. If you would rather fill out a paper form, contact 2020 SVR Membership Director, Rebecca Plourde , at or 530.210.9686.

Not a Porsche owner but interested in the PCA? Try the PCA Test Drive program. For information, go to: Need to update your PCA information? Update your PCA record at
Do you have 2 e-mail addresses? Want Club info sent to a second email, work, home, spouse, friend...? It’s as easy as e-mailing your second e-mail address to the Membership Director at:

How can I contact the SVR-PCA by mail?
Sacramento Valley Region-PCA,
Post Office Box 254651,
Sacramento, CA 95865-4651

FEBRUARY 11, 2020
Bob Peake’s Residence
125 Darrington Drive
Folsom, CA 95630
Board Members: Steve Barker, President , Rob Lee, Vice President , Julie Lee, Secretary , Bob Peake, Treasurer , Gregg Plourde, Past President , Rebecca Plourde, Membership Director , Mardi Quain, Social Director , Mike Willis, Drifter Editor
On the Phone: Bill Fargo, Webmaster ,  
Excused absence: Greg Zajic , Competition and Safety Director
Chairs: Concours – Al Price, Rally - Richard Wetzel
Guests: Lisa Menning, Matt Menning, Rik Larson
Call to order 7:00 p.m.
President welcomed everyone.
Old Business:
Minutes from January meeting Approved via email vote on January 13, 2020, final Minutes distributed on January 13, 2020.
New Business:
a)      Social Director’s Report: 
May Club Dinner at Dominick’s Trattoria & Bar - Mardi Quain presented the Budget for this event. Motion to approve the budget made by Mike Willis; seconded by Gregg Plourde. Motion Approved.
Barn Party & Car Show – Mardi Quain presented the Budget for this event to be held on June 7, 2020, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm. Discussion determined that this was not an official SVR function therefore does not require insurance. Motion to approve Budget was made by Gregg Plourde; seconded by Rob Lee. Motion Approved.
b)     Membership Director’s Report:
New Member Tour - Rebecca Plourde presented the budget for this event to be held on April 25, 2020. Invitations will be sent to new members and Board members. Motion to approve amended budget was made by Mike Willis; seconded by Bob Peake. Motion Approved.
Meet the New Members Dinner – Rebecca Plourde presented the budget for this event to be held on May 16, 2020, at the home of Ed and Terry Parra. Motion to approve budget was made by Rob Lee; seconded by Bob Peake. Motion Approved.
Membership Report for December:
Primary Members – 861
Affiliate Members – 537
Total Members – 1398 (includes 9 New Members, 2 Transfer In, and 0 Transfer Out)
c)     Concours – Al Price presented the budget for the SVR Concours event to be held on June 7, 2020 at a Niello location TBD. Motion to approve budget made by Mike Willis; seconded by Bob Peake. Motion Approved.

d)     SVR 60 th Anniversary Celebration – Rik Larson requested that May 7, 2022 be blocked on the calendar as a placeholder. Details of this event will be forthcoming.

e)      Regional Procedures Manual (RPM) – Matt Menning presented information regarding the procedures for submitting documentation regarding national awards for the Drifter, etc. and made the recommendation to codify what traditionally has been done (previous Editor to submit). Further discussion on this topic is needed however, the Board decided that Matt Menning will submit the information for the 2019 award on the Drifter.

f)       SVR Logo – Gregg Plourde presented information that the Club has been informally notified by National, that our logo is in violation of the Porsche Cars North America Fair Use Rules. Motion to retain current logo until the Club receives an official letter that the logo must be changed was made by Mike Willis; seconded by Mardi Quain. Motion Approved – 6 Yay, 2 No.

g)      Policy Changes – Mardi Quain presented information regarding mileage reimbursement. Motion by Mardi Quain to add the following statement to Policy Statement #12 (Treasurer):
F. Each January the Treasurer will consult the IRS website to confirm that year’s approved mileage rate for reimbursement, and advise the BoD at the January Board meeting.
Motion seconded by Rebecca Plourde. Motion Approved.
Motion by Mardi Quain to remove the statement, “Current Reimbursement rate per IRS Regulation is Business 2016 $0.54 per mile.” From Policy Statement #4 (FISCAL) and replace it with:
The annual IRS reimbursement rate will be given to the Tour and Rally Masters each January by the Treasurer.
Motion seconded by Julie Lee. Motion Approved.
h)     Share the Wealth – Gregg Plourde presented recommendations on the Share the Wealth program. Motion to distribute the funds from Share the Wealth at the end of the fiscal year to a charity identified by the Club was made by Mike Willis; seconded by Bob Peake. Motion Approved.

i)        Digital Projector – Motion was made by Gregg Plourde for the club to purchase a Digital Projector to be used for club events, Board Meetings, etc.; seconded by Mike Willis. Motion Approved.

j)        Treasurer’s Report:
Motion was made by Bob Peake that the following positions would receive club credit cards: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Social Director; seconded by Mike Willis. Motion approved.
 Additionally, every attempt will be made to have a Board member, with access to a credit card, at each Club event.  This will help to streamline vendor payment and club member reimbursement.                
Meeting Adjourned at 8:41 p.m. Committee Chairs/Guests Dismissed
At 8:45, the Board entered into a general discussion about annual budgets. 90% percent of Board Members and Committee Chairs budgets have been submitted for 2020. The Treasurer will compile all submissions and will provide a report at the March Board of Directors meeting.
Next Board Meeting:
March 12, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
Bob Peake’s Residence
125 Darrington Drive
Folsom, CA 95630
Respectfully Submitted – Julie Lee, Secretary 

TrackMasters Racing is a leader in the High-Performance Driver Education events in Northern California and invites SVR-PCA drivers to participate in these events. For the complete schedule click the link below.  
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Ads must be submitted electronically with attachment to PCA members must include your PCA membership number on all submissions as proof of membership.

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2020 West Coast Race Series Calendar
Tentative - as of January 7, 2020
March 28-29 th Buttonwillow Raceway
April 25-26 th    Thunderhill Raceway
April 25-26 th     Auto Club Speedway
May 22-24 th WeatherTech Raceway, Laguna Seca
June 6-7 th Utah Motorsports Campus
August 29-30 th Sonoma Raceway
September 19-20th   High Plains Raceway
September 26-27 th    Thunderhill Raceway
October 10-11 th Sonoma Raceway
PCA Club Race Schedule Link:
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