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Sometimes the best place to begin going forward is to consider where you have been and what you have learned.  I like to sit back at the end of the year and analyze (many things) my fitness progression through the year, overall race success and weaknesses, and also just LIFE.  Am I where I want to be, am I living according to my values.  I wrote 19 things that I was reminded of, or discovered in 2019 on my blog.
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Hello Fit Friends!  

I get GIDDY with excitement of planning and evaluating the past year and looking proactively forward for what aligns with my heart and life goals.
I wrote up in my latest blog some thoughts on 2019 and one of them is this:
I stand by my passion for GOALS. Many people are so set AGAINST setting new years goals and intentions, and I don't understand that. Everyone should be able to trust themselves with their goals and be strong to commit to themselves. Goals don't need to be unattainable. There is no reason to not have a GOAL that you are working towards at all times in life. (even if sometimes that goal is to take 2 weeks to come up with a well- defined goal for the next year or decade).  Set a specific intention that is based on  a reason you are passionate about.

If you are open to looking to find your potential, it is worth taking  a risk to aim high, to set a plan, and to be fully immersed in that plan, riding the waves.  
May 2020 bring you many blessings, health, happiness and fitness.

Let's MOVE MORE!  ~Sharon
 Rising Sun Fitness Training
PERSONAL TRAINING: 30, 45 or 60 min sessions. Partner sessions can be arranged! Your house, my house, or outdoors! No matter what your goals are, we will work towards them. Cardio, strength, core, all of it. Private and small group yoga sessions also apply here.
20 day BEGIN program: ALL LEVELS! Beginning on Jan 20 th, you will have a personalized cardio/strength/core program to begin. 30 minutes exercise per day. We meet for an initial 30 min personal training session BEFORE JAN 20 th (not the 9 th through the 13 th because I will be away). 20 days ends Saturday, Feb 8 th! You will be at a NEW LEVEL OF FITNESS IN THAT TIME, I PROMISE! This would be great for committing to BEGIN! OR for those already at a fitness level base that you are happy with but need to add a daily CORE OR RUN/Triathlon specific functional strength, agility exercises, etc. Pick your goal and BEGIN! $100
Sign up to make this YEAR a breakthrough year.  Go for new distances, new races, new speeds.  Doing the same thing year after year will not break barriers.  Online monthly or in person coaching.
INDOOR BOOTCAMP: STRENGTH FOCUS - no running, but we will have cardio included. We will use weights, bands, body weight, stability balls, balance, everything! We will use the cold weather as an OPPORTUNITY to do different types of training and challenges. Lots of opportunity for progressions! Prepare to be stronger in 12 weeks. January 2 and 7 th, then Tuesday &Thursday Jan 14 - March 26. $360 both days/week, $180 once/week.
My yoga classes are open to all.  We practice for one hour and options for beginners and advanced variations of the pose are always given.The practice is YOURS.  We breathe and warm up with flow, find our bodies strength blending into length of the muscle, we balance, feel, focus and take time to be present in our bodies.
Sundays 5PM: Jan 5 - April 5 th(no class Jan 12 or 3/1). 12 weeks $180
Wednesdays 7PM: Jan 8 - March 25. 12 weeks $180
Thursdays 9AM: Jan 16 through April 2, 12 weeks $180.

*PRIVATE IN-HOME yoga sessions/individual/family also can be scheduled.

Sign up for so many great events locally and places you want to go!  YOU WILL BE MORE FIT if you have a goal!!

5K's:  you can do it- this is a GREAT, reachable stepping stone, even if you do not run at all right now.
10K's:  stepping up your distance, OR SPEED!!! make it happen!
10 MILERS, 1/2 marathon:  these are some of my favorite distances.  I can tell you about some local options.

TRIATHLONS:  New to tris?  Start in a pool this year with the Reston Sprint Tri which opens EARLY JANUARY and fills up ASAP!   I will be doing webinars to highlight different aspects of training for this race!

Other local or NOT SO LOCAL tri's:  train for speed, distance, or some combination with a focus on a FULFILLING JOURNEY of reaching for challenges, being appropriately scared and amazing yourself!  Contact me for coaching at




RISING SUN FITNESS, LLC specializes in making people MOVE MORE!  I strive to get people off of their couch and  AMAZE  themselves by setting goals, taking action and  discovering what you are made of! I am ready to  help you improve your strength, make you see general fitness gains, START exercise, or BECOME AN IRONMAN! 

What have you done today that makes you feel great?!

Let's Move More!

Sharon Adams
Rising Sun Fitness, LLC