April 29, 2020
Greetings and salutations! I hope you are all doing well!

The time has come for students to choose their courses for next school year. Here are the steps needed. 

STEP 1: Review courses offered and advice about how to make choices
You all should have received this letter about viewing the 2020-21 Course Catalog , academic advising and Jess Morrison’s   Guide to Course Selection and College Readiness . Also, your advisor will be reaching out to schedule one-on-one academic advising with you. 

STEP 2: Make a game plan for course registration
View the Elective Course Schedule here . Notice the grade level tabs at the top. This is a sheet that shows when each course is offered for each grade level as well as includes a template for you to work with when choosing courses. 

Copy into a spreadsheet or print the course template found on the first tab of the Elective Course Schedule . Click on your grade level tab to view your grade level’s core class schedule and which electives are offered each period/semester. Fill in your core classes first. Note that some electives are yearlong and some are semester long. Seniors need a minimum of 5 courses all year and all other grades need full schedules. You are choosing electives for all year so select courses for both semesters. Make sure your course requests are not in the same periods and you don’t have any overlap in your requests. You should have alternate requests (second choices) in mind as well. Write down your choices for each elective period. Be mindful of the prerequisites that are listed in the Course Catalog!

STEP 3: Make course requests in Infinite Campus by May 15
Sign into your Infinite Campus Student or Parent Portal and follow these steps to make course requests.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • Deadline to make course requests is May 15!
  • You may change your course requests at any time up until May 15
  • These are course “requests.” Due to class size limitations, not everyone will be able to get their first choices. It is important to “Add Alternates.” You are not guaranteed your requests but we will do our best to fulfill as many course requests as possible!
  • Seniors have first priority, then juniors, then sophomores and freshmen.   
  • Semester long courses are worth 2 units (2 quarters) while yearlong courses are worth 4 units (4 quarters).
  • Seniors only need to be 64% (36/56 Units) complete in the progress bar to reach a minimum schedule. Seniors are welcome to take more than 5 classes each semester if they choose more academic rigor or need credit remediation. Remember to consider your college goals when deciding to take a full course load or not. 
  • Concurrent enrollment does not count towards a senior’s minimum 5 courses each semester.

STEP 4: Sit back and let Dusty and the Scheduling Wizard work their magic
We will work hard to fulfill your request as best we can. The quicker everyone gets their requests in, the faster we can create everyone's schedules. We will notify you by email when schedules are ready to be viewed in Infinite Campus. The Add/Drop request form will open once schedules are posted and remain open until September 10 2020 (two weeks after courses start). 

Feel free to email me any questions.


Dusty Grannis :: Registrar | IT | Assessments :: Animas High School
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