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By Nancy Jones
December 2018
2019 comin' in hot! Time for wearing the rare Winter gear, longing for LVTC warm events, and nailing your best all around self in 2019.

Luckily for LVTC, we have that and MORE covered like an extra arm warmer. Check out this month's club action which covers 'Maslow's Triathlete Needs' (a fully made up concept). And which contributes to the most basic needs of the average age group athlete/club member experience.

-Save your space for the kickoff dinner for some socializing and bonding while NOT sweating.
-Take John Mercer-Club Prez, words to heart while evaluating your 2018 year.
-Go over the LVTC race calendar with family and/or those moderating your athletic accountability so it's both poand REALISTIC.
-Compare your training philosophy/methods with a local pro from our 'Coach's Corner', this month featuring- Melodie England Cronenberg.

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On the Calendar !
Here are the tentative dates for our 2019 LVTC race events:  

February 2, 2019 Kickoff Dinner (see reservation details below)

February 9, 2019 Duathlon Lake Mead Recreational Area

March 24th, 2019 Sprint Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri

June 1, 2019 Sprint Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri

September 8, 2019 Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri

Prez Corner:

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.


On the last day of class, I always play ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang. Students are usually pretty amused – but then also join in the celebration realizing that they have completed one more step towards earning their degree. In many cases, my class is the last class that students are taking and it is fun to celebrate with them reaching the academic finish line.

Have you taken the time to celebrate your achievements in 2018? Whether that was a personal record, finishing a race, or getting to the start line … it is so important to celebrate achievements.
Far too often, as athletes, we don’t take the time to look at our accomplishments. We are often too busy planning for the future. How do I squeeze more training time in my schedule? How to I add new training sessions? How do I cut 1-minute from my run time? We are programmed to shoot for higher goals then what we already achieved.

But it is so important to stop and look back at what has been accomplished – no matter how big or small those accomplishments are. I always try to remember to be thankful to reach the start line and to celebrate at the finish line. Yes … I always want to try to go faster or go longer … that’s a given. But it is so important to enjoy the journey – and that enjoyment of accomplishments makes us better triathletes.

Take the time to celebrate – come and join the Las Vegas Triathlon Club at our ‘Kickoff Dinner’ during which we will celebrate the 2018 season! Just like completing a class towards earning a degree, your season has many accomplishments that are worthy of celebrating.
2019 Kick Off Party!
Come enjoy a sit down dinner while we celebrate the accomplishments of our club and members in 2018 and kick off a new season of triathlon and multisport events and socials.Reserve your place today. Space is limited.
Coach's Corner!

Super thrilled to share a super seasoned athlete and coach's expertise this month! Thank you, Mel, for your tips on often what multisport athletes so easily overlook...keeping it SIMPLE!

Take a look at Mel's insights provided for LVTC members only here!

Melodie Cronenberg
T3 Triathlon, Sports and Fitness
USA Triathlon Level One Coach
 US Masters Swimming Level Two Coach   Red Cross Certified Swimming Instructor
    ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

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