2019 TheraPlate Intercollegiate Dressage Association National Championships Commence at Lake Erie College with Dressage Seat Equitation Finals
For Immediate Release
Kim Beaudoin for IDA

Painesville, OH – April 26, 2019 – The 2019 TheraPlate Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) National Championships kicked off on Friday, April 26, at Lake Erie College. Collegiate members from nine regions and twenty-eight schools have gathered and are set to compete throughout the weekend, concluding on Sunday with the highly coveted Team competition. The 2019 Nationals are marked as the eighteenth for the organization, which was founded in 1995, but did not host a National Championship until 2001.
Friday welcomed the inaugural Dressage Seat Equitation (DSE) National Championships, which boasted an impressive line-up of riders across the four IDA levels (First Level, Upper Training Level, Lower Training Level, and Intro Level). The purpose of DSE is to evaluate the dressage rider’s correct position, seat, and use of aids.
First Level first place honors went to Sage Crandall from Miami University. Second place was awarded to Mackenzie Gilligan of the University of Massachusetts. Third place was earned by Averett University’s Alegra Febbo, while fourth place went to Centenary University’s Cameron Mohr. Fifth place saw a win for Lindsay Dennis, collecting honors for Virginia Tech.
First Level DSE National Champions
Mount Holyoke’s Hannah Brown achieved the title of champion at the Upper Training Level, with Emory & Henry’s Eleanor Boyle claiming in second. Third place was bestowed upon Wake Forest University’s Tori Spong. Fourth place went to Erin Panizza from Otterbein University, while Julia Baumgardner of Pennsylvania State rounded out the fifth-place slot.
Upper Training Level DSE National Champions
Lower Training Level championed a victory for Emory & Henry’s own Gwenyth Stromdahl. Second place went to Mariana Reisacher from Cazenovia College, and third place went to Otterbein University’s Emily Tepe. Fourth place saw a win for the University of Vermont’s Anna Horowitz, while fifth place was won by Wake Forest University’s Brianna Sumpter. Florida State University earned sixth place, with Hannah Frantz piloting.
Lower Training Level DSE National Champions
Appalachian State’s Lindsay Askew claimed the first-place ribbon at Intro Level, while Miami University’s Hallie Goss took home second place. Third place was earned by the University of Florida’s Julia Coisek, and fourth place went to Lauren Krowskowski from the University of Massachusetts. Elizabeth Donaldson of St. Andrews University rounded out the top five.  
Intro Level DSE National Champions
Friday evening’s Annual Meeting also crowned several new winners: including Courtney Monarch from Miami University who received the 2019 Coach of the Year award, Marketing and PR Board Member Kim Beaudoin who earned her spot as the 2019 IDA Hall of Fame Inductee, and Jackie Dwell, IDA Treasure and coach of the St. Andrews Dressage Team, who accepted the very first IDA Lifetime Achievement Award.
The IDA would like to continuously thank Lake Erie College for hosting the 2019 National Championships, the horse donors, and the generous sponsors for whom this would not all be possible without. 
Competition continues tomorrow with Individual Day. Click here for further information on the IDA, and the 2019 TheraPlate Intercollegiate Dressage Association National Championships. For media inquiries, contact idanationalmarketing@gmail.com .