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August 24, 2017
24/7 Crisis Line: (214) 828-1000 or (800) 273-8255
  Our Mission:
"Helping those in crisis, especially suicidal crisis, find hope for the future."
SoundMinds Music Festival Thursday,
August 31, 2017
Granada Theater !!
We are honored to be a beneficiary for the first-ever Sound Minds Music Festival in Dallas, Texas!! Tickets are available at various levels and 2 for 1. Please join us on Thursday, August 31, 2017 at The Granada!!

Marc Broussard
"An artist with a unique gift of channeling the spirits of classic R&B, rock and soul into contemporary terms." ​

"Few modern voices are as powerful as Marc Broussard’s soulful Bayou-bred baritone."

Interview with Marc Broussard

Why have you agreed to play a music festival dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness and suicide in the music community?

I love life! I celebrate it and I rejoice in it! I have tremendous empathy for those that don't always feel that way about life. I've been there. Having support through those times was crucial in my journey out of darkness. I will always be an ally in the fight for people in need. 

      What do you feel is the value of raising awareness about this issue?

Humanity has a long and storied history with how we've dealt with mental health issues. Too often, ignorance, whether willful or negligent, has been a great source of pain in the lives of those affected by these issues. Education and awareness is the most powerful tool we have in ending the cycle of mistreatment and misunderstanding. 
Have you ever been affected or known someone affected by mental illness in this way? Is there anything you can say from your experience that may help others in a similar situation?
             As mentioned, my life wasn't always so peachy. I've struggled with my demons in the past and was able to put them to bed, thankfully. Several of my family members suffer daily with depression and anxiety. The most important thing I had to learn was that I really was loved, even by those who criticized my behavior at times. That criticism was born out a love and desire to see me in a healthier place. Once I made that connection, I started to understand and accept my own responsibility for my situation. I was then able to take control of things in my control and let go of things I had no control of. 
Life's been much better since. 

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