First Quarter 2019 Report
April 30, 2019
OneTest Orders Grow Substantially
As a result of marketing efforts and customer commitments made in the 1st Quarter, our cancer test orders increased ten-fold in April, compared to average monthly test volume over the previous 12 months. We are currently optimistic that this demand may continue to increase quarter-over-quarter for the foreseeable future.   Marketing efforts to date combine direct-to-consumer and retail clinics.
20/20 Cancer Tests Popular w/ Firefighters
Firefighters, of which there are over one million in the U.S. alone, represent an important segment of our current American customer base.  For example, over 500 tests are expected to be purchased during the 2nd Quarter from only four small suburban fire departments.  This trend results from the following:

  1. Firefighters have a proven higher incidence and death rate for nearly a dozen cancer types including those of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts according to U.S. government studies.
  2. The biomarkers in OneTest have been shown in more than 25 published studies to be elevated in many of these high incidence cancers including mesothelioma, lung and intestinal cancers.
  3. 20/20 has a successful track record and positive brand awareness among fire departments worldwide as a result of our popular BioCheck kits for screening suspicious powders.
20/20 CEO Jonathan Cohen (standing) at signing of SB 727 by Maryland Governor Hogan, Senate President Miller, and House Speaker Jones
Maryland Creates New Fund for Innovative Cancer Screening Tests for Firefighters
On April 30 Maryland's Governor Hogan signed into law the nation's first grant program to fund innovative cancer screening tests for state fire departments. 20/20's CEO, himself a former volunteer firefighter, was the architect of SB 727. We expect that fire departments using OneTest will be well positioned to compete for these funds. A similar bill will likely be introduced in Delaware very soon.
Middle East and Europe Area Director Eitan Charnoff presents OneTest to a physician group in Amman Jordan in March.
Commercial Activity in Europe, Middle East, & East Asia Picks Up
Marketing of 20/20's cancer tests is now underway in Jordan, Egypt, Austria, Taiwan, and Japan. An example of this promotion may be viewed on the website of our Egyptian distributor i-Pharm here . We expect to receive our first revenues from at least some of these nations in the 2nd Quarter. In most cases tests will be run locally with our algorithms accessed over the cloud.
OneTest Algorithms Now Adapted for More Diverse Global Markets
The tumor markers measured in OneTest--CEA, CA-125, CA-15.3, CA-19.9, AFP, PSA, and Cyfra--are routinely used in thousands of clinical laboratories worldwide, although the particular markers offered and the testing equipment utilized often varies by region, lab, and clinic. The most common tumor markers used for screening are CEA, AFP, CA-125, and PSA and the most common diagnostic test manufacturers are Roche Diagnostics, Abbott Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare, and Beckman-Coulter.

To make our technology available for the widest possible global market, in Q1 we conducted extensive side-by-side studies comparing biomarker detection kit performance of each of these four manufacturers and integrated the results into our software . Moreover we created a truncated version of our machine learning algorithm to accommodate clinics that only offer the four most common biomarker tests.  
equity crowdfunding concept isolated on black background
20/20's Closes Series B Round at $5 million
In March we completed our Series B Preferred financing round after raising just over $5 million. Most of these funds came from equity crowdfunding under Regulation A ("Reg. A+") from over 2,300 investors. Also participating in this round was a Korean strategic investor and a new Silicon Valley based Venture Fund specializing in digital diagnostics.

When combined with the $1 million raised earlier under Reg. CF, 20/20 has likely become the top equity crowdfunding biotech company in the U.S.

We are currently identifying interest in a possible larger financing round (Series C) later in the year that would combine institutional, strategic, and crowd investors. We are also actively exploring listing our shares on the OTC Market as a stepping stone to a future listing on the NASDAQ.

Questions about or expressions of interest in our Series C round should be directed to our CFO David Kratochvil at or 917-456-2384.
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