2022 Statistics

Clients Housed - 315

Clients Employed - 298

Child Support Paid - $37,669.39

Taxes Paid - $303,612.70


Clients Housed - 68

Clients Employed - 53

Graduates for the Quarter - 23

Baptisms for the Quarter - 3

Letter from the Director - Chris Somerville

Greetings from the staff here at Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. We'd like to start off by telling you we appreciate your interest in Safe Harbor of Bucksnort and taking the time to read this newsletter gives us the opportunity to inform you of events and advances at this location.

A lot has changed over the last few months with renovations and upgrades. We would like to announce that in lieu of changes in the world today we have not stopped our primary focus and goal; helping those in need through the power of Christ. In these times, more so than others, there is many souls that need reaching.  

This quarter at Safe Harbor of Bucksnort was filled with many exciting activities. We have started having monthly campfires where guys roast hotdogs and marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, play guitar, and get to enjoy our new game room that is up and running. This gives the opportunity to fellowship with each other in sobriety.

During the upcoming season, we are expecting and believing for a windfall of blessings in the form of upgrades and possible property acquisition. Believe with us as we move forward with our upgrades and continuous efforts in improving Safe Harbor Bucksnort for the betterment of the men in our care. We thank you for being a supporter and would love to hear from you. May God bless and protect your household in these times.


To anyone reading this, if there is someone that you know needing our program, please feel free to call upon us. 

Chris Somerville, Director 931-994-9586

Admissions: Josh Screws 731-9915167 

God Bless you and may peace be upon you and your families in Jesus Christ's name.

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Faith Elevated

Give God your weakness and He will give you His strength!

Celebration Sunday - March 2023

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Time to unwind!

Rest is such a vital part of recovery. Without rest we don't have time to pause and reflect. When we are able to relax we give our mind a chance to absorb what we have learned. Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint and giving ourselves a break is one important thing we can do to make sure that we are able to keep going.

Partner of the Quarter - Tennessee Bun

Tennessee Bun is a company that understands the mission of the Safe Harbor Bucksnort Facility. They work hand in hand with our Reliable Coordinator to insure that our clients are properly placed and cared for at their job site.

Their line supervisors proactively communicate the needs of our clients on a weekly basis. Because of their efforts it leads to the success of our clients and program!

Celebration Sunday - February 2023

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Client of the Quarter

"J" came to us seeking recovery from himself and a negative lifestyle. He responded in a very positive manner and attitude towards the program requirements. He stayed focus on why he came to Safe Harbor Bucksnort and participated in the program with a great attitude and work ethic.

Because of his self-motivation and attitude towards what was required, he excelled in all areas of the program. He maintains our kitchen operations at a level of excellence that expresses itself in every meal served. We are blessed to have him in our facility.

Battle in the Saddle 2023

Battle in the Saddle 2023 is in the books. We want to thank all of you who supported the show, whether you were a sponsor, a contestant, or a spectator. There were 866 runs that came down the alley over the weekend and a total payout of $78,710.46 including awards. We will have a fundraiser total soon!

Our Open 1D Average Winner for the weekend was Billy Hatzman on Honor Bounds Ghost. The pair took home $4,476 for the weekend. Billy never disappoints on keeping us all on our toes when he makes a run!

Thank you to our sponsors, without them the show would not be possible – Runyon Industries, Stone Quarter Horses & Appaloosas, Tennessee Tractor – Somerville, TN, Tractor Supply Company, Mid TN Lumber, IGA – Insurance Group America, Nationwide Insurance, David & Lynn Elkins, Sun Electric Company, JHA Saddle & Tack, Netgain Mobile Diagnostics, Cleghern’s Piggly Wiggly, Paul Bailey, Who Dat Processing, Elk Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Jones Plastic, Jim & Sue Oaks, Kyle & Jamie Bennett, KT Produce, Hampton Inn Gatlinburg, Novacopy, Wasco, Brad & Rachel Bowie.

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A huge thank you to Queen City Restaurant Supplies in Clarksville, TN. Queen City donated over $2000 worth of equipment! God continues to bless us with people who have a heart to give!

Staff of the Quarter - Tim Clark

Tim Clark, who is our Reliable Coordinator, has been an invaluable asset to the program and to the lives of the men. His dedication and work ethic To put these men to work has led us to an excellent start to the year and we look forward to seeing great things from him in the future.

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