1st Quarter Highlights

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Bill Batkay

End Human Trafficking

To raise awareness for human trafficking, Bill has put together a coalition of church, NFPs and business leaders that will provide a path to heal, support jobs and the ability live safely.

Carrie Woerner

Chair NYS Small Business Committee

Small business is the economic backbone of our region & Carrie will use this platform to raise awareness for their issues and encourage entrepreneurs in our area.

Andrew Cook


Hartford Schools

Administrators want to increase the cap on CTE salaries and Capital Outlay in the upcoming school year to grow enrollment & continue to provide career & workforce graduates.

Aaron Mair

Director Adirondack Council

The goal is to expand wilderness protection and enforce regulations to maintain 'forever wild' in order to reduce the effects of climate change on humanity, flower and fauna in the ADKs.

Lezlie Dana

Restorative Justice Practice

The impact of restorative justice practices is fundamental for youth and families. A conversation that embraces diversity allows youth to create their own guidelines and commitments.

Todd Shimkus


Saratoga Chamber

The Chamber plays a vital and creative role with the private, public and non profit sector for the betterment of the community. Leap of Kindness Day is one example.

Community News

Lunch with Legislators

Challenges Facing Youth

'This is a Crisis'

Episode 1


Cricket Blue, David Burgess, Emerald Rae, Honeysuckle, Ken and Brad Kolodner,

Kitchen Ceili

Facebook reach -

Over 15K last quarter

Comments from around the web:

"Thanks So much!! You made it so easy! Thank you so much for helping us get the word out!" 

Gina LeClair

Sratoga Biochar

"I wanted to send you both a big thank you for all of your work in the community. The work that you are doing is very appreciated and noticed in the community. I can not tell you how many meetings I am on that mentions the work that you do and the appreciation.

 I also very much appreciate all the support of WAIT House and our youth it is truly heartwarming."

Jason McLaughlin

WAIT House

Executive Director

"Thank you so much for the link and the opportunity. 

 We have been sharing and posting all over our social media and website.

I've gotten wonderful feedback from volunteers saying how impressed they were with Jesse. They felt that he truly cared and showed it in his questions and comments."

Roseann Anzalone

Tri-County Literacy

Executive Director

Top videos 4th Quarter :

  1. Mangino 'Your Look' 1/20/24
  2. Mangino 'Your Look' 12/3/23
  3. Robert Davies - LTW
  4. Challenges Facing Youth
  5. Colleen O'Connor Potter -LTW
  6. Andrew Cook - LTW
  7. Bill Batkay -LTW
  8. Carrie Woerner LTW
  9. BOCES Graduation
  10. Chuck Kish - LTW

Comments from around the web:

“Thank you Look Media Resource for helping to spread the word about Leap of Kindness Day!” Saratoga Chamber of Commerce on Facebook

“Look Media Resource, thank you for taking the time to sit with our Executive Director, Jason McLaughlin, to help spread awareness on homelessness and struggling youths/families in our community.” The Wait House on Facebook

“I always appreciate the opportunity to speak with Jesse Jackson and Look Media Resource about the work I am doing on behalf of the people in the 113th Assembly District and surrounding communities.” Assemb. Carrie Woerner on Facebook

"Thank YOU so much for helping us to get the word about our work out. This was a lot of fun."

Ann Morgan

North County Heart Health Network

Executive Director

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