July 2021
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Designed to Deliver Supply Management Solutions to Your Facility
Contract #19-10P-04 Food Service Equipment, Supplies and Repair Services, & Contract # 19-01PV-04 Janitorial Equipment, Supplies & Services
Network Distribution® (Network) is a national distribution organization supported by the power of local expertise. We offer customized programs that include a wide selection of industry leading name-brand paper products, cleaning supplies, chemicals, equipment, and break room supplies. We work with the public sector to create and manage supply programs that ensure you have the products you need to generate operational success.

The 1GPA Member Portal was developed to improve how our members access vendor pricing and response data. To access our new member portal:

  1. Go to www.1gpa.org/member-portal
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. Complete the sign up process
  4. A 1GPA team member will approve your account

Do you have current or new team-members that could benefit from learning about the advantages of utilizing 1GPA contracts and the 5 STAR member support we provide?

This training is extremely beneficial to include in team meetings and new employee on boarding programs for your departmental staff responsible for making procurement related decisions.

Please contact a 1GPA representative and they will be happy to get your webinar scheduled!
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Why are schools prioritizing SEL now more than ever before?
By: Dr. Michael Holt, Capturing Kids' Hearts powered by The Flippen Group
1GPA Contract #19-04PV-42, Staff Development
When you were in school, did you have a couple of teachers who were your favorites? Did they influence your thinking about yourself, and how your uniqueness could be a springboard for your success? Did they lower your anxieties about school and particularly the subject matter they taught? If so, they were tapping into something known as the social-emotional aspects of teaching and learning. They were accessing your affective domain through their facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language to encourage you and help bring out the best in you. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING