APRIL 2021
Featured Vendor
McCarthy Building Companies: 
The Value a Self-Performing Contractor Brings to Job Order Contracting Work  
McCarthy is a national builder who provides Job Order Contracting (JOC) and general contracting services to clients in diverse markets across the country. The company’s ability to self-perform the most critical work sets them apart by providing additional support that can compete with, as well as supplement, existing trade partner resources.
Self-performing the work with their ...Continue Reading
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The Student Mental Health Crisis
Anxiety and depression are on the rise among today’s students, causing school districts to become more aware that improving student mental health is as important as keeping students physically safe. Reports indicate that approximately 10 million students ages 13 to 18 require some level of professional help for a mental health condition. Good mental health is critical for children to have success both in school and in life, but those who are struggling may not have access to the treatment they need. CONTINUE READING....