October 2021
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ABM Builds Value for K-12 Schools, Higher Education Institutions, and Municipalities
ABM Contract #20-01PV-01 Custodial, Grounds and Maintenance Services
Now more than ever our indoor air quality and the disinfecting of surfaces we touch are paramount in helping to mitigate the spread of germs and limiting student and staff absences. ABM’s EnhancedFacility program can help your school district / college take the extra step to lessen pathogen transmission. New and advanced disinfection technologies like needlepoint bipolar ionization, dry hydrogen peroxide generation, and far-UV and UV-C lighting can help ensure indoor air quality is optimized for student and faculty health. The EnhancedClean program features a comprehensive three-step process to create safer, healthier environments. From pre-opening site assessments to frequent high-touch disinfection, you can rest assured your schools are primed for success. (Continue Reading)

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Is Your Parking Lot ADA Compliant?
Sunland Asphalt & Construction 1GPA Contract #17-16P-05, Asphalt Products and Services
As a leader in pavement maintenance and construction, Sunland Asphalt often helps municipalities and schools assess their current parking lots for safety, accessibility and overall design. One of the top items we look for is ADA compliance when we conduct a site walk with our clients. Not only do we provide maintenance on these areas, but we can also help to construct a better design of these areas for our clients.
So, what exactly is ADA compliance? (Continue Reading)
School Community 101: Four Steps That Strengthen

ParentSquare 1GPA Contract #12-11PV-04, Web Content and/or Mass Notification System
To be successful, students need to receive support from the whole school community. This includes parents, teachers, school leaders, coaches, community groups, and more. When schools become actively involved in supporting students’ needs––not only on campus but also at home––connections develop and strengthen between all members of the school community. As these relationships deepen, schools can better provide access to the academic, health, and social resources that students and their families need, which helps to address potential learning barriers. (Continue Reading)
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