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eNews #259
Special 101 Edition
5th May 2021
Events & Exhibitions
Through 20th August
New York City
This exhibition, now open at Fotografiska New York through 20th August, 2021, consists of photographic portraits which served as reference images for his famed homoerotic drawings.
Talk on Saturday 8th May
New York City
Join a discussion on how Tom of Finland’s depictions of queer culture thoroughly challenged contemporary society at the Madison Square NeueHouse. 
You may have missed the exhibition in person but you can still take a walk around with Durk and Sharp.
In honor of National Poetry Month poet and friend of Tom of Finland Foundation, Steven Reigns, brings us Subversive Ink, a video presentation of over 20 poets.
On Sunday, 16th May come see what these models will be wearing this summer. 😉
News & Announcements
As a new exhibition of Tom of Finland’s photographs opens, Miss Rosen examines this relatively unexplored side to the hugely influential artist’s work.
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, Fotografiska in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation produced The Darkroom, an exciting study in artist Tom of Finland’s photography.
NeueHouse delves into Tom’s exhibition at Fotografiska and how he used photography as a tool in his art practice.
On 8th May, one of the founding fathers of gay fetish, Tom of Finland, celebrates 101 years since his birth.
“Not a lot of people know this about me but I am very, very gay. And so just in case people don’t know that, I litter gay, homoerotic books all around the house.” Troye says with the Tom of Finland biography book in hand.
Terry Miller, 50, reveals how he went from stay-at-home dad to leather daddy icon in the Sex and Sexuality issue.
The 8th of May is fast approaching.
As it is with every year,
we invite all of you to share in making something special take place.
 Plan something and please, please share it with us all on social media.
As we always have, we continue to create public programming that protects, preserves, and promotes erotic art, broadening our global scope by becoming more online.

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