1000 Island Cruise

On July 24th, Staff, 19 residents and 3 friends of residents went on a 1000 Island Cruise. Residents were ecstatic to be able to attend this event. Daybreak is very happy to have hosted this fun event for its residents.


Daybreak would like to thank all its amazing donors. Without your contributions, Daybreak would not be able to host such fun social events for its residents.

One resident said, "without Daybreak arranging this event, I would never be able to attend this dream of a trip."

Daybreak would like to thank Board Member Laurie for organizing the trip, Board Member Natalie and Staff Logan for attending the trip and assisting day of.

Staff said, "It was such a wonderful trip. It was incredible being on the water. It was enjoyable to see everyone so happy. Every single person had a smile on their face. I'm so glad Daybreak was able to provide such a remarkable experience to its residents."


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