100 Connections in 2023
Recently, we reflected on our identity as the Evangelical Church. Through Baptism, we are the Body of Christ, called to connect with each other, to share the good news of God in Christ! And that call goes beyond our doors, into our community, where we are called to connect with our neighbors, sharing the good news in word and deed.

As we celebrate our 100th year of ministry at Grace, we give thanks that we have been called to be in this community for 100 years. We know our community and we are known here. Still, there are more connections to be made. As we begin Moving Forward in Grace, we are diving into our goal of making 100 new community connections in 2023.

What is a new connection?
A new connection means meeting a new person, learning their name, and sharing some of your story with each other. This connection can go beyond the first meeting, but doesn't have to, in order to be one of our 100. Connections may last 5 minutes, an hour, or they may be new continuing relationships.

Where do we make new connections?
Connections can be made anywhere you encounter someone new. Some connections may happen in Grace's building - perhaps you'll connect with a new visitor in worship, or with a community member at a concert we host.

Many connections will happen outside of our walls, in the community, as we go about our lives. Maybe you'll connect in a coffee shop, or doing service work, or shopping in downtown Rock Hill. Perhaps you'll meet someone new at the Riverwalk, or at Come See Me, or in your neighborhood.

Do we need to talk about Grace or God for the connection to 'count'?
If Grace or faith comes up in your conversation, that's great! However, connections happen in all kinds of contexts, with all kinds of conversations, and we don't have to force a topic. We share good news in word and deed, and sometimes a simple friendly conversation or a helping hand is exactly the good news someone needs. God is active and moving through ordinary interactions everyday, whether we name God's presence or not.

How will we know we made 100 connections?
We're going to keep track! We have created a Google Form where you can submit your connections HERE. We will have paper forms in the Fellowship Hall, too. We'll ask you to share who you met, when and where, and if you'd like to share your story in more detail. And we'll have a display in the Fellowship Hall where we can see the connections grow.

What happens when we make more than 100 new connections?
We will give thanks and we will keep going! 100 is our goal, but we expect that God is calling us to know many more neighbors than that. We can't wait to see who God is calling us to meet!

Thank you for being part of our 100 Connections in 2023!

We look forward to hearing about these connections and sharing them with each other in this year!
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