Here's the latest news about the Regnart Library Trail.
Anti-Trail Residents Came Out in Force at May 21st City Council Meeting

There was strong representation by the anti-trail residents at this city council meeting with 20 or so residents speaking against the trail. They clearly had planned a big push because of the vote and then left their speakers in place even though the vote was pushed back.

They did a good job getting a variety of views out, and if you didn't know the actual facts, the arguments sounded compelling. Not surprisingly, ONLY residents who live along the trail are speaking out against it. They have not been able to extend their support base beyond that. There were also four pro-trail speakers at the meeting, discussing key points such as the wide support that the trail has from families, schools, organizations and businesses, and design points such as trail width.

We can expect many residents living along the trail to again come to speak against it on the day of the vote. It will be critically important for the pro-trail residents to be out in force on the day of the vote. The facts are on our side, but we need to say them loudly and often, because the majority of residents are still not very aware of the benefits of the trail. (The handy flyer below is a great place to start)
10 Ways That Residents Benefit From the Trail - A Handy Flyer

Do you sometimes wish you had a handy summary you could share with friends and family about why the trail is a good idea and all the ways it will benefit the community? We did too!

So we put together this handy flyer. Please share it with all your friends and family and encourage them to sign the petition.
Thank you to everyone who had planned to attend the May 21st meeting! It's VERY important that the Council hear from as many of us as possible, so please come speak at a City Council meeting in June or July.
Upcoming meeting dates for Cupertino City Council:
June 18 and July 16

We are getting very close to 1000 signatures!

We need your help to get all the way. Our goal this week is for each of us to get just 3 new people to sign. You can do it!

Keep up with the latest information on the trail and get answers to your questions at .

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