10 Things to Leave Behind in 2018
1.      Anger & Judgement: Would you drink poison? When you hold onto an argument or a toxic situation it has the same overall effect on you as if you did! Chained to the past, you cannot live happily in the present. In order to welcome in new opportunities, let go of the events and people that are stealing your focus and your energy. Replace with: Acceptance and gratitude. It is essentially impossible to be grateful and judgmental at the same time. Try it out! Sometimes the person or event that made you mad or madly opinionated is the exact person or event that upon reflection, you may be most grateful for! They opened your eyes to what you may not otherwise have seen. Do This Now: Write that person or situation a thank you note. You don’t have to mail it, simply experience it. What shifts?

2.      Old Rules: Too often the rulebook you live by is simply outdated and based on a former version of yourself, perhaps who you were in a defunct marriage or at the helm of a previous job. You may not even realize that you are recycling and implementing boundaries that have nothing to do with you now! Replace with: Updated rules that accent a 2019 version of yourself. What can you now allow yourself to do? New day. New year. New YOU. New rule! Allow in the possibilities and the flexibility of change . Do This Now: Write down 5 old rules that feel tired and worn. Then rewrite them to reflect the current moment. What are you now free to do?

3.      Fear: . What fears have been robbing you of accessing the life and the legacy that you most desire? Are you standing in your own way? Leave the overthinking and excuses behind in ’18. Replace with: Challenging yourself to fear less so that you can do MORE! Do this now: Make a list of what is getting in your way. Create evidence around this writing your fears down from head, to heart, to paper. Then highlight 3 small things that you can do NOW that will allow you to step into each fear. Do those things.

4.      Age: Mark the end of 2018 with your last numerical calendar age. The climb is real but think about what you CAN accomplish if traditional age limitations are not holding you back! Replace with: The concept of being “today years old.” Leave behind the decades past and focus your energy on the day at hand. Use the 24-hour window of NOW to celebrate living a legendary life and using all of your story in new and interesting ways in your next chapter! Do this now: If age were not a factor one way or the other what would you do right now? Is there another adaptation of this, or small piece that you can thread forward and take ownership of? Do that now.

5.      Being Busy:  Busy has become an excuse to let overwhelm and stress rule your life. It is way too easy to confuse a frantic life with a happy one. Taking on too much sounds rich, but the net result is that it desensitizes you in regard to actually showing up energized for the tasks at hand. Replace with: Being abundant! Leading an abundant life is leading a focused and meaningful life. Slow things down and re-engage your senses and your soul in what you can accomplish in today. Do this now: STOP! Hard stop on telling others that you are too busy, or in using time as an excuse for not getting things done. From an abundant point of view, what CAN you do to schedule people in, to say no where appropriate, to prioritize what you desire?
6.      Excuses: The only thing standing between the life you want and the one you have is YOU. Let go of the myriad of reasons why it is not the right time, or why you don’t have the right skills, or how you are waiting for more money, or your kids not to need you. Perfect is an illusion. Replace with:  What you can do because there is always something you can do. Do this now: If you have an idea, act on it. If you are in a bad marriage, begin your exit strategy. If you want to start a business…start. Begin. There are a million small micro action steps that you can take to stay true to your purpose and to keep going strong. Now is your new next!
7.      Setbacks: Think of setbacks as repositioning. When things go off course, this is your signal to pause, stop, and reflect. Listen to your intuition. Don’t let a setback derail you. Replace with: Awareness! Regroup, collect your thoughts with revamped clarity, revise your plan and proceed anew. Do this now: Lean into the aspects of 2018 that you liked the best. What made you smile? Where were you happiest or proudest of yourself and others? How can you bring more of that into your life in 2019?
8.      Over EVERYTHING-ING: Toss the overthinking, the over planning, the overdoing. When you plan every little detail, you leave little to be discovered and created organically. This is also a set-up for disappointment because not everything goes according to plan. Replace with: Creativity and an open mind that will breed more creativity and success. Do this now: If you are an over planner or an over thinker, challenge yourself to leave 20% of your personal and professional life unplanned! Physically block this time off your calendar for yet- to-be-determined activities. Then lean into the serendipity. Reflect on what results you reap!

9.      Expectations: Visualization is an asset when it allows you to dream and explore NOT when it sets you up for disappointments. Expectations often get in the way of reality and almost always drain energy and trigger stress . Replace with: Letting the story unfold. Everyone has story, let the process of your story have fluidity and character without a script. Be careful not to automatically write the ending to a relationship, a job, or a new idea just because you are fearful it will not work out the way you envision. Lean into the process and lean out of the finish line. When you do, the story will write itself.
10.   2018:  Carrying last year into next year runs counter to success! Even if this was your best year ever, close it out on 12/31. Replace with: 2019! A year ahead filled with UNKNOWN and serendipitous opportunities to explore. Be curious about the 12 months ahead and reach into the possibilities they will reveal. Do this now: Challenge yourself to make 2019 about experiences. Create a list of 52 things that you want to manifest or experience in 2019. Put each one on a slip of paper and throw them into a large jar or bag. Every week randomly pull out one of the experiences you noted. How can you use the week at hand to build upon that experience? Every small step counts!
  What are you ready to leave behind?

Where can you use your power of choice to move ahead?

Wishing you and those you love a legendary holiday season!